World Wide Knit in Public Day

What’s this all about then? Getting out there, sharing our craft, meeting new people, having fun and hopefully raising some money along the way – knitting in public!

Lien and Jackie have been doing a great job getting this event organised and you can keep updated on all the plans over at Lien’s blog. We love the idea of knitting on the Dart, attracting a bit of attention on the way and converging on Stephen’s Green for an afternoon of craft and chat. Keep your fingers crossed for the sunshine!


  1. Nicola

    Sounds great. Childcare allowing I’ll be there. I even have some Knitting Kids to add to the mix. They would get people talking!


  2. Averil

    I´ve just checked and they don´t have a meet up in Madrid, in fact in all of Spain. So, I´ll just have to take myself off to a park and practice my new knitting skills and some Spanish.


  3. thisisknit

    Hi Averil,

    I like the idea of an impromtu Madrid gathering! You might meet some other knitters that way and then get a local knitting group going 🙂 It’s worth a try – and, either way, you’re guaranteed to get some relaxing knitting time with fresh air into the bargain…

    Happy Birthday again Nicola – enjoy the weekend. As for KIP – bring kids, cousins, aunts, neighbours, grannies and friends – the more the merrier!