That, according to the late lamented Douglas Adams, is the sound of a deadline going past. It is our happy task today to declare that the TIK Knit Along deadline has been extended until 1.00am on Tuesday June 7th, so we have an extra Bank Holiday weekend’s worth of knitting time! So no whoosh!

For some of us, this comes as a considerable relief!

For others of us, the TIKAL has been speeding merrily along. Jacqui’s Breaker now has completed back and fronts. You’ll remember that she’s been knitting them in one piece, and that she was using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s false seam to stabilise the sides.

Knitting your back and fronts in one piece is a very convenient way of making a garment, but the sides can be a little unstructured and floppy. The false seam counteracts this, and here’s how to do it.

Separate fronts and backs have a seam allowance of one stitch on each side. You don’t need these if you’re not sewing a seam, so your cast on will be the full number for the fronts and back, minus four stitches (two seams’ worth). If you want to do the false seam, add in one stitch on each side, and mark it with a stitch marker.

Knit your fronts and back all the way to the armholes, working the false seam stitch just like all the others, and stop just before you cast off the armholes. Drop the false seam stitch all the way to the top of the moss stitch border at the waist.

With a crochet hook, rehook that stitch back up the ladder, alternately taking up one strand, then two strands, then one strand, all the way to the armhole:

When you reach the top of the ladder pop the stitch back on your needle, and cast off as directed in the pattern. Easy, fast, and professional looking!

How are your KAL projects going? Are you near completion? Has the extension saved your bacon?



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