What’s your Mia Chevron blanket?

This is ours, and it’s given us an idea for a give-away! It’s the adorable Chevron Baby Blanket made in lovely Debbie Bliss Mia. The pattern’s a free download on Ravelry, and it’s the easiest knit. It takes just five balls of yarn and it’s one of our customers’ most popular choices for new babies.

There’s a wonderful twenty two colours in the Mia range, and so many possible combinations. Which would you choose? Let us know, and you can win the yarn to make it!

From now until midnight on Sunday May 17th, tell us in the comments section below what colours you’d use in your five-ball blanket, using the colour names from our online shop page. On Monday May 18th we’ll draw a lucky winner at random, so you could be making your custom-coloured blanket in no time at all!

Gentle pastels or vibrant primaries? Funky or subtle? We can’t wait to see!


  1. Patricia

    Okay so here are my colours: Marine, Robin Egg, Sky, ruby and corn, I think this would be good combination for baby boy or girl. Cheers

  2. Angel

    I would use Stone, Silver, Robin Egg, Duck & Ecru for my blanket. Good neutral colors I think.

  3. Sandra

    A hard decision but I have selected:: robin egg, Petal, Stone, Mauve and Silver 💟💟💟💟💟

  4. jane finnell

    It is a hard decision but I think, today, I’d go with…. citrus, aqua, mallard, sky and silver. Thanks

  5. Petra

    So beautiful! If I were to pick any five colours, I’d go for 04 Sky, 08 fuschia, 09 ruby, 14 corn and 18 mallard. I love bright colours. They’re so cheerful!

  6. Deirdre McKenna

    This would be for my new little niece so I’m choosing Robin Egg, Mauve, Corn, Petal, and Stone.

  7. Kathy noonan

    I would love to use the following:
    Sky, buttermilk,silver, peach and Aqua.


  8. Niamh

    They are all so lovely and there are so many options…. I’ve finally decided on.. light pink, peach, Aqua, White & duck.

  9. Linda

    I’m due my third baby in August and was looking for a nice blanket pattern. It’s beautiful. The colour I’m drawn to are Petal, lgt pink, mauve, silver and white. Maybe that’s a sign I’m having a girl 😀

  10. Elisabetta

    There are soooo many cool colours but my choice would be: Duck, Robin Egg, White, Ecru and Corn.

  11. Ruth

    These are all lovely colours, wouldn’t they be fab for granny squares! For this project, I would choose white, ecru, sky, duck and light pink 🎨

  12. Nathalie

    What a lovely exercise to do. Gut feeling says: mauve – stone – peach – marine, and robin egg.

  13. Mairin

    I was originally thinking of bright rainbow colours, but I think these soothing colours would be wonderful: Buttermilk, Citrus, Robin Egg, Duck, Silver.
    Fingers crossed!

  14. Hilary

    I will be knitting this for my first granddaughter due in June so my colours are Rose, light Pink, Robin Egg, Duck and Ecru – soft and girly but not too sugary

  15. I Love bright, strong colours! I especially love the intensity of a peacocks tail so I’d chose Aqua, Fuchsia, Cinnamon, Sky and Mallard. I’d make it for my beautiful lil niece, babies love bright colours 🙂 Don’t you agree?


  16. Jen Wilson

    I would use white, duck, sky, mauve & light pink. That way it could be used for a girl or a boy. I’m currently knitting a baby blanket and I’m always looking for patterns to continue to introduce me to new techniques. Will definitely try this one!

  17. Noreen Russell

    I love Debbie Bliss Mia
    My choice would be as follows
    19 Buttermilk
    01 White
    06 Duck
    22 Silver
    03 Marine

  18. Jacqueline Cosgrove

    Here’s my combination, I love Aqua, I think it goes with so many other colours.
    Aqua, Petal, Ecru, Robin, Fuchsia.
    Thanks Jacqueline ☺

  19. Elizabeth

    I’m calling the combo “garden afternoon:” Sky, Rose, Citrus, Buttermilk, Stone

  20. Meg

    First thoughts are for Sky, Robin Egg, Fuchsia, Stone and Mallard but could probably change my mind the next time I look!

  21. Jaclyn Allen

    I got one: Robin Egg, Ecru, Citrus, White, Duck. I just found out yesterday that my uncle and his wife are expecting their first baby! It’s too early to know whether it’s a boy or girl yet, so I have to go gender neutral until further notice.

  22. Oh this is way to much FUN! I’m going to be a Gran soon and I’ve been going wild over the endless Patterns, Yarns and Colours. This morning when I opened my web page I couldn’t believe it, “This is Knit” was the very first one sitting there and Pow! this wonderful Baby Blanket! I guess I really don’t have to say more, so I’ll get to the Colour Combo I want to do:

    I love the “MIA” yarn by Debbie Bliss. I have come to really like the comfort and the wear and tare of the 50% wool/50% Cotton yarns. I think they are perfect for babies and children:

    In this Order: ( I have used 6 Colours. I just didn’t like the balance with out the extra colour) Navy, Peach, Cinnamon,
    Fuchsia, Mauve and Sky
    Well, Hope Ya’ll like it and I know there will be many delicious colour combinations. I can hardly wait to see some knit up. GOOD LUCK YA”LL!

  23. Nicola

    I would love to win the wool for this Chevron blanket – I would chose Robin egg, Duck egg, Mauve, Silver and Mallard. <3 🙂

  24. Maruja

    In Spain it’s very hot this days, so I’d choose colours that make me feel at the seaside:
    02- Ecru
    03- Marine
    04- Sky
    17- Aqua


  25. Anne

    I have been wanting to knit this blanket for a long time, I just don’t know anyone having a baby at the moment! I would go for: Corn, Cinnamon, Aqua, Robin Egg and Marine. Suitable for babies and adults!

  26. Aisling

    Another picture-perfect sample!
    I’d go with marine, ecru, mauve, duck, and silver!

  27. Debrielle Welch

    It was hard because all the colors are beautiful, but I wanted brights for a young boy so I chose leaf, sky, corn, aqua and cinnamon.

    It would be great to win because I need to make two blankets and this would be a great pattern for one of them.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Niamh

    I was just thinking about starting a blanket for my baby who is due in July! I think I’d go with Robin egg, aqua, mallard, buttermilk, marine.

  29. Emer Hilliard

    Living in a very girly home, I would choose a selection of pastels rose, citrus, ecru, peach and duck.

  30. I think the primary colours work well for a baby blanket (especially when you don’t know the sex!) so I’d go with red, yellow, light green, baby blue, a darker blue.

  31. Fiadhnat McGrath

    Lovely colours. I would try ruby, rose, petal, light pink and cinnamon. I think they would blend well together.

  32. Jenny

    Stone, leaf, duck, aqua and buttermilk. Lovely natural colours that appeal to the biologist and buttermilk-drinker in me 🙂

  33. Ann Hannigan Breen

    No more babies or grandbabies, so I want this to put over my knees on cold winter evenings. Fuchsia, ruby, petal, light pink and rose.

  34. Monica

    Silver, Marine, Fuchsia, Mauve & White. A recipe for a
    luxurious baby blanket-I like it!

  35. Mary

    My colours are Mauve, Buttermilk, Leaf and Corn. I think these would blend well together and create a lovely blanket.

  36. So many possibilities. These are today’s colours, ask me tomorrow and it could be a whole different palette.

    White, marine, robins egg blue, lt pink and corn.

  37. Nancy

    I love these colors together: Aqua, Citrus, Peach, Petal and Silver! They look fun together.

  38. Suzan

    Ecru, Mauve, Mallard, Robin Egg and Buttermilk. I think these would look lovely together.

  39. Jo young

    This is lovely yarn for a blanket I would choose duck, ecru ,corn ,aqua and stone

  40. Eithne

    I’d go with buttermilk (19), corn (14), peach (12), ruby (9). Possibilities seem endless!

  41. Jan

    Lovely pattern & gorgeous yarn! I would choose, for a boy, sky, ecru, duck, buttermilk & citrus.

  42. Caragh Halpin

    Robin egg, duck, mallard, ecru, aqua for a baby boy! I think they would be a bright, cheerful blend of colours.

  43. Heather

    Decisions…decisions! It was so hard to narrow it down to just 5 colours..but here is goes:) Light Pink, Petal, Citrus, Robin Egg and Ecru.
    Thanks for the give-away and good lucky everyone!

  44. Mary Jarvis

    I have 15 lovely nieces and many now having their babies, I like to knit a little something for them. I choose Ecru, Citrus, Buttermilk, Robin Egg and light pink, pure and subdued for a boy or girl.

  45. Florence

    So many nice colors, hard to choose. Here si my choice citrus, leaf, buttermilk, corn and silver. Thanks for the game

  46. Ber

    Hmmm, tough decision. I like bright colours for baby though, so I think I’d pick, sky, cinnamon, ruby, corn and citrus.

  47. NanPascale

    I couldn’t choose anything but my favorite colors of course: Fushia (8), mauve (7), petal (20), light pink (11) and rose (10) – girlie all the way 🙂

  48. Louise mc bride

    for my new niece I would combine the following colours :
    Sky, white , duck , ecru , robin,

    I have some down time at the moment -on the final part of breast cancer recovery treatment -reconstructive section !

    Lots to be grateful for , including my passion for all things crafty .

    Good luck every one in the competition.

    Can’t wait to be well enough to visit girls ,

    Love light joy

  49. Jaele

    So hard to choose! Arg! I’m stuck between going really girly with shades of pink or gender neutral! OK, I think I’d go with Marine, Ecru, Duck, Peach, and Corn.

  50. Ursula

    Such a wonderful selection of colours – I enjoyed thinking about
    the colour selection. I would choose leaf, citrus, petal, light pink, and buttermilk 🙂
    Many thanks

  51. Emily

    The colours are all fab! I would love to do a rainbow blanket so would choose:


    Thank you!

  52. David Bill

    I’m a great lover of green and I’d go neutral so the blanket could be passed on – a little heirloom perhaps. I’d pick Citrus, Aqua, Leaf, Robin Egg, Ecru.

  53. Katarina

    I’d go nuts, go with some BRIGHT colours, the kid can’t complain! 😉

    Aqua, Corn, Fuschia, Cinnamon and Marine. Haven’t quite figured out the sequence yet, though…

  54. Emily

    Catching the colours of the sea would be stunning! I would use:

    Robin Egg