Under the Sea

Ok, I’m totally making up the name of this pattern as I don’t know what it is! [Edit: I was right about the title – what are the chances?] But I just had to share Mara’s gorgeous FO with you all…


Just adorable!

This is knit in Baby Cashmerino, starting with the individual fish and then knitting them into the bottom of the dress. The waves at the waist are feather and fan lace and the bubbles are embroidered on separately.

As far as I know this pattern is available online so if anyone has the link I’ll edit it into this post – thanks 🙂

[Edit: Thanks to Nicola and to Laura B (the designer herself), here’s the link – Under the Sea]

Mara also has some impressive crochet skills – exhibit A is a work in progress from Cashmerino Aran:


Exhibit B: Completed knitting notions bag, with zip closure and fully lined, from Siena 4-ply cotton:


An impressive line-up, wouldn’t you say?


  1. Oh that’s my pattern! The Under the Sea Jumper! It’s so cute! I think that’s the first one that I’ve seen besides mine online. Thanks for posting it!