This should really have pictures…

And we’ll add them asap 🙂

So here’s the reason for the lack of blog and general web updates.  It’s a good reason, so I think you’ll forgive us!

From this Saturday the 31st of March, TIK will be open five days a week in our new shop in Blackrock.  We will be located in the Old Georgian House (the shop on the left hand side) within the market grounds and this will allow us to open shortly before lunch Wednesday through to Friday (with late opening planned for Wednesdays and Thursdays) and the weekend hours will remain the same.  We’ll be planning a Stitch n Bitch group for one of those late nights and extra knitting classes (in addition to the current run of Saturday morning classes) for the other.

There’s still lots of work to do before Saturday so we’ll get back to it now but we just wanted to share the good news!


  1. Mary Lynch

    Great news. Can’t wait to see the cash register in operation, Jacqui!! :-). Best of luck with the new place.

  2. Nicola


    gasps in amazement…

    …so…I’ll be able to visit the shop at lunchtime on a Wednesday?

    Hurrah and halleluliah!

    I’ve never actually visited TIK because at weekends I’m in deepest darkest Wicklow. I’ll be delighted to be able to come visit the yarn in person…and add to the stash of course.

    Congratulations on the move and extended hours. Gotta be a good thing for business and the yarny world.

    Looking forward to my 1st visit to TIK,


  3. Linds Saunders

    Congratulations and very best wishes. Will miss you in Drogheda on Wednesdays, but sure I’ll have to get the train in the wrong direction some evenings!