Super Special Spin In Sunday

Spin In

We’re just full of announcements lately!

Today’s good news is that, to make up for sundry Spin In delays, we’re having a “Super Special Spin In Sunday” on (you guessed it) Sunday 8th May from 1pm ish onwards 🙂

With lots of excitement and treats! Including:

* free tea, coffee, and biscuits for spin-refreshment
* a super talk from Aoibhe (who teaches wheelspinning for This Is Knit) on different fibres and how they spin (this will include free little samples of different fibres).
* a special talk from Diane (who teaches spindle-spinning for This Is Knit) on spindle technique. Now is your chance to spin up those different fibres!
* a crazy competition involving (among other things) gravity (!)
* free wheel spinning demos going on in the corner of the balcony all afternoon
* discounts on spinning-related purchases on the day…

It’s guaranteed to be a day full of (caffeine and sugar induced) fun and frolics and we can’t wait to see you all then!