Sunshine and/or socks??

Just throwing this one out there…

Would anyone be interested in a sock knitting class over the first two Saturdays of August? Bearing in mind that the first Saturday will be over the bank holiday weekend?

The class can be a beginners class, a toe up method class or a combination of both as Mary and I are quite happy to split up and teach the two methods within the same class. If we get enough interest then I’ll go ahead and schedule it but I’m aware that many of you will be holidaying or enjoying the sunshine if it ever returns.

Having said that socks are the perfect summer knitting project… I finished my first ever pair in 38C heat by a swimming pool in L’Escala, Catalunya 🙂


  1. Nicola

    A great idea but I’ll be away both those Saturdays. If the dates change I’d be interested, so I’ll keep an eye on your schedule. Thanks!

  2. Averil

    I don´t know how you manage it – 38 degree heat and you were knitting by the pool. It´s “only” got up to 32 at the moment in Madrid and I can feel the socks felting as I knit them! Im off to the beach this weekend but I think I will be leaving the socks behind. Have you heard about the heatwave in Italy? 55 degrees in some parts!! Crazy.

  3. Averil

    Will there be classes at the end of Aug/ start of Sept? Or are ye planning a nice relaxing, well deserved, holiday? I´ll be home around then and would love to pop in, classes or not.

  4. thisisknit

    Hi Averil,

    We’re planning classes for the start of September so hopefully we’ll have a topic that takes your fancy 🙂

    Hope to see you then!


  5. Keara

    I’d like to but I think I’m gonna go to Maine, although went out for the night last night and missed the kids! Elana called when I was out, I could hear the waves on the beach! I’ll know on Monday I think the second Saturday should be ok