Sneak Peek


I went along to help Lisa and Jacqui (and sundry other Sisks!) set up for the massive weekend that’s about to happen in the RDS…


I didn’t forget you! While I was there, I sneakily snapped away on my phone camera…


Looking gooooood!


We’re there the whole weekend, from Thursday right through til Sunday, at stand K13 (same place as last year!). We’ve got that secret new range of yarn, at special show prices. We’ve got more colours and more types of our usual stock. We’ve got special little kits made up. We’ve got beginner lessons going on. We’ve tied on our special green This Is Knit aprons and we’re READY!

See you there!


  1. Alifeofherown

    Wow.. Look at all the beautiful colours! I wish you all every success with the show. And, will the green aprons still be around in Christmas??

    Don´t forget to take photos of the show!

  2. Patricia

    You all looked great yesterday at the show even the innocent boy, working on the till. Best of Luck for the rest of the weekend.


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