Shameless Call Out

Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a tie-front cardigan using Kidsilk Haze? I have seen it before, I can picture it in my head right now, but for the life of me I cannot remember which book / magazine it is in!

Help. Please.



  1. There’s a mohair tie-front cardigan in Fitted Knits. I think it calls for a heavier mohair than the KSH but you could definitely use it, it’d just be a bit holier.

    Just back from Kilkenny and needing a little knitting fix before bed 😀 Let me know if it’s the right one!

  2. Jackie

    Is it ‘Glad’ from Rowan Magazine 39? Actually I can think of a few… is it short/long/lace/plain/beaded?

  3. thisisknit

    Thanks girls 🙂

    I think the one that was in my head was the Rowan one but… on second thoughts there’s just a bit too much fabric involved in the front. I suppose I could taper it down and do a shorter tie? Unless any of the others you can think of, Jackie, have a “neater” front?

    I’ll have to get my hands on that issue of Knit Today to check it out – thanks Lindy.

    And Aileen – you should sleep more!!