Luxury Pom Pom




Choose one of these delightfully soft, long-haired pom poms to coordinate with your winter wardrobe. It will easily attach to an existing hat or to the next one you plan to knit or crochet!

These handmade pom poms are kept light, so they will stand up straight when attached to a fitted hat, and they won’t pull the back of the hat down on a slouchier style.

The central part of each pom pom is about 3.5″ in diameter, but the the longer hairs can extend to almost 8″ in diameter. Individual hair strand length varies, but they are generally 2-2.5″ from the fabric base of the pom pom.

These pom poms feature a magnetic snap attachment, so you can remove the pom pom when cleaning your hat (the pom poms themselves are dry clean only).

Please note the base of the snap should be attached to the *outside* of your hat. The pom pom itself will hide the base when it is attached.

Please note that adding a snap adds about 8g to the weight of the pom pom. The pom poms are also sold with embroidery floss attached, so you can choose your preferred method of securing the pom pom in place.

Additional information

Weight28 g

Snow, Panther, Latte, Mink, Rainbow Sherbet, Cotton Candy, Dark Faerie, Valentine, Maleficent, Fraggle, New Black/White, New Brown


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