Bamboo DPNs 20cms


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Premium quality bamboo needles from Japan.

These needles have an incredibly smooth finish, and they won’t splinter or snag on your work.

Lightweight bamboo is warm in the hands and easy to knit with.

Additional information

Weight 25 g

3mm 20cm Bamboo DPNs, 3.5mm 20cm Bamboo DPNs, 5.5mm 20cm Bamboo DPNs, 6mm 20cm Bamboo DPNs, 3.25mm 20cm Bamboo DPNs, 3.75mm 20cm Bamboo DPNs, 6mm 20cm Bamboo DPN, 7mm 20cms Bamboo DPN, 8mm 20cms Bamboo DPN, 9mm 20cms Bamboo DPN


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