Woollinn Make-a-Long

The Woollinn 2019 Make-a-Long will kick off on Saturday, the 13th April.

Between now and then you can get 10% off the yarns below (which are ideal for use in either pattern), by using the code Woollinn2019 during checkout.

Ireland is a land is steeped in myths and legends that echo back into pre-history. Tales of giants and heroes, warrior queens and spiteful deities are tied to every corner of the island and wind their way through the lives of everyone lucky enough to live here.

And it’s these two aspects of Ireland that this year’s Woollinn Make-A-Long designers have chosen as their own inspiration. Aoibhe Ni’s crochet shawl, Finola, is named for the eldest of Legendary Children of Lir. Echoing this theme, Ailbíona Lochlainn’s knitted sweater, Inse, was inspired by the swan estuary along the flood plains of Donegal.

We are sure these designs will provide you with plenty of inspiration and enjoyment in the run-up to Woollinn!

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