Aren’t these the prettiest needles? They’re made by Peace Fleece, and we’re recently got a new delivery. They’re made of smooth and strong birch wood, with ends hand-painted in the brightest, cheeriest colours.

They come in two lengths, 10″ and 6″. The 10″ needles come in two sizes, 4.00mm and 5.00mm while the 6″ ones are 5.00mm. The shorter ones are perfect for a child’s hands, and they’re very popular as a beginner’s knitting gift. But really, when they look as splendid as these, it’s no surprise that they’re as popular with adults as with children.

If, like us, you’re beginning to think about gifts, then these needles would delight any knitter: useful lengths and sizes in beautiful materials. They’re already cheering November up nicely.