Now we are eight!

It’s hard to believe, but this coming weekend, This Is Knit is eight years old!

So we’ve got a birthday present for you! This Thursday, Friday and Saturday (May 29th, 30th and 31st), if you buy eight balls of yarn, you’ll get a ninth for free!

This offer applies right across all our current stock.* You can get different colours, different yarns, different qualities, and even the discounted stock in our sale basket qualifies. So whether you’re looking for that ninth ball for a summer cardigan or a ninth skein of luxury Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn, it’s on us!

Of course, this offer’s also available for online purchases, so the discount will be given back to you as a refund when you buy through the website.

And thank you, our lovely customers, for the past eight years. You’re the best present ever!

Was it really only eight years ago?

* The lowest-priced ball will attract the discount.


  1. Maryl

    Congratulations!! It is hard to believe that it has been eight years since I first came across your first stall in Blackrock. What a transformation you have made to the Irish and International crafting community. Here’s to the next 80 years……….Cheers!!

  2. Helen Kieran

    Yay ! I remember that June Bank holiday well ! And the phone call from Helen Mc in the market and all she could say was ‘wool, wool…’ 😀

  3. Happy Birthday, girls! It’s been a great ride, for everyone. That must mean I’m married 8 years this year… Great things happened in 2006 🙂

  4. HelenMc

    Happy 8th birthday. I can’t believe it has been 8 years since I strolled past the stall and doubled back surprised to see yarn for sale in Dublin.

  5. Elana

    Congrats, my lovely friends!! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life! xoxoxo

  6. Thanks so much guys – we’re so delighted to be at this milestone, and very fortunate to have met such brilliant people along the way! 😀

  7. Ana Loprd

    Congratulations! It’s been great to have you in my life for 8 years 🙂 This is Knit is definately the best knitting/yarn shop in Ireland!! X

  8. Aoife Oxx

    Wow congrats everyone!! How exciting for you that you’ve reached such a milestone. I didn’t start knitting til two years later. I went into TIK a few times before I plucked up the courage to actually buy something and start to knit. You were still split into two stores in Powerscourt then. Jacqui gave me great advice at the time (she’s still giving it) and I have been knitting and going into TIK ever since. Thank you so much.

  9. 😀 Delighted you took the plunge Aoife! The start of your knitting story rings bells for me – I walked forward and back past the door of the knitting shop about 5 times before having the courage to go in and say “I want to knit a scarf””. I must look up the details of that shop in New Zealand and let them know what they started!!