Now in colour!

Aren’t these gorgeous? They’re the new colourways in S Twist Single Ply, and we asked their clever producer Diarmuid Commins to introduce them. So with news of an anniversary and a chance to win all the colours, it’s over to him!

I got a call last week from a farmer wanting to know when I would go to pick up this year’s wool. I couldn’t believe that shearing time had come around already. Following on that was the realisation that S Twist Wool is now a year old!

What a year it has been. At the start I was able to offer one yarn type. Over the year, that range has grown to three different yarn weights in different dyed options. It’s no exaggeration to say that this would not have been possible without This Is Knit.

Because of this, I’m delighted to team up with This Is Knit to celebrate my first year and to launch my latest line of yarns. These are the first of my repeatable colourways: six colours specially blended to complement the underlying gray yarn.

So to celebrate, here’s a chance to win a full set of six 100g skeins – one of every new colour! – simply tell us in the comments below how you’d use the prize. Several projects? One many-coloured one? Something for yourself? The closing date is midnight on Friday 26th June, so you’ve got two weeks to plan!


  1. Bronagh Connolly


    So many options, but I’d use the yarn to make a super soft version of a wave stitch poncho…. Lots and lots of Colour repeated over and over…

    Too yummy not to use together!

  2. Bernadine biggs

    I’d love to win this! I had my first spinning lesson from Diarmuid at the HandmAid fair last year! I think I’d have to make a Knitmore girls inspired Rainbow Dots Cowl with an earthy grey as the background. Sorted for the winter!

  3. Mairin

    Oh, they look lovely! I think I would rearrange the colour order from the photo to be more rainbow-ey, and then alternate them with the grey in between each stripe. Then I would make a beautiful striped blanket/throw, probably with the stripes knit in a chevron pattern.

  4. I’m an Irish designer, and I have an as-yet unpublished design that would be PERFECT using ALL these colours!

    Please PM me if you’re interested in a collaboration – Tomyris on Ravelry

  5. ikkinlala

    I’d probably split them into two or three different projects. Definitely some mittens. Not sure what else.

  6. Lynn

    Oooh, pretty! (happy dance!!!) I have some grey already so these would go great with it in making a patterned (sanquhar or fairisle) cowl with matching fingerless mittens. 🙂

  7. marta

    I would make six hats for myself and my 3years old, imagine to have 6 warm and Irish yarn hats. They would last us a life time.

  8. Siobhan Keegan

    Fabulous colours that already look good together in the photo and to do them justice I would love to try and knit them into one of Stephen West’s shawls. I have never tried something so ambitious, with six changes of colour but I could definitely be inspired to have a go with this georgous wool. It looks like it was made to be wrapped around your neck on a chilly winter’s day.

  9. I love the earthy tones of these colours. I can see how they would work so beautifully with the grey so I think I would have to use them with the grey to make either a rainbow-yoked grey jumper or a blanket. So beautiful!

  10. Janita

    What a bautifull colours! I think I would knit somethink like Puffin mantle from Kate Davies.

  11. Ana Lopes

    Maybe because I just had my third baby (and there seems to be a baby boom around us) I would knit a few baby cardigans with different colour combinations…oh, they would be really sweet!

  12. Ailbhe

    There are so many possibilities! I’d love to knit a colour affection shawl with these, maybe two in different colour pallets.

  13. Ber

    Hmm baby #3 is on its way so I think a lovely snuggly baby blanket would be great and maybe some hats for big brother and sister.

  14. Neasa

    With three friends having three sets of twins this Summer I definitely think a baby blanket would be the way to go. Small enough for in the pram but big enough to fully wrap up the littlies!

  15. Catherine Roche

    I’d do a floor size game of snakes and ladders. Chunky grid background with various colours and I’d knit the snakes and ladders separately and appliqué on after. Would add extra details like crocheted flora and fauna too.
    Would be a great outdoor game that could double as a picnic rug.

  16. Oh my goodness, how lush! I would have to make a baby blanket for the new addition to my extended family. I think it would show off the colours best.

  17. Kathy

    My son brought me home a skein of this beautiful yarn when he was visiting Ireland in November, I love it. Since we are expecting our 1st grandchild in 3 weeks I would knit up some really special things with these beautiful colors. I’d love to make some sweaters, hats and maybe a shawl for my daughter.

  18. Holly

    I adore these colors and would love to combine them in one project, like a blanket, possibly the beautiful Vivid pattern by Tin Can Knits or even the Hue Shift Afghan!

  19. Kirsty Kerr

    Beautiful colours! I would be most likely to make a rainbow coloured shawl with this. One can never have too many shawls.

  20. Anne

    Many moons ago, I learned to do crocheted granny squares. I picked up the hook recently to create a simple single square for a baby blanket. These colours would look gorgeous in a patchwork granny square blanket, mixing and matching the centres to compliment and contrast- let the skeins sing

  21. Anja

    I have to be honest, I would probably let them rest in my stash until a pattern came along that would just make me say “That’s the one for them!!!”

  22. Leanne Griffin

    I’m looking at these and thinking something fair Isle, I’d have to get a squish of it and see if it’s steekable 🙂