Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please…

….we’ve been aching to tell you this and now it’s official:

This Is Knit is moving!

We’re staying in the Powercourt Centre, but moving to a single larger unit beside the Pepperpot, the one currently occupied by Article, who are themselves moving to a new unit in the main house. We’ll have even more room for yarn, and for classes, and for all manner of good things.

As you can imagine, we’re terrifically excited about this. There’ll be more details here soon, including the date itself, but we simply couldn’t wait to tell you all.

Squee! Ahem!


  1. Katrin

    uh, great news! all the yarn together in one space makes it easier to choose 🙂 that means it’s time for another visit soon!

  2. Clare

    That is a super location! So excited for you guys…. Perfect perfect location for classes too…And all that light! S won’t know what to do with herself 🙂

  3. amberschiwi

    ah, so no hopping between two shop-parts any more? well, that sounds fine to me.
    Can you set up a night vision web-cam so we can see your yarnballs moving into the new shop one by one (in single file)?

  4. Nuala

    That’s great! It’s a lovely space and I’m delighted it’s still next to Pepper Pot. Love to buy yarn and stroke it lovingly while being fed by the wonderful Pepper Pot!

  5. Patricia

    Thats wonderful news, you are always coming up with brill ideas, be so much better for you than having to run back and forth.P Drogheda