It happens to all of us. We start a new project, full of enthusiasm, and then find the lurking problem: the baffling instruction, the unencountered skill, the numbers that won’t add up.

Sometimes, though, chocolate isn’t enough. This is where we come in. When the shop’s quiet, we’re delighted to answer quick questions, but some problems need time and concentration. So we have dedicated Project Help sessions in the class schedule for exactly that: an hour and a half of attention on whatever you want. If you need to find out how to work a cable or if the lace shawl has gone off road, we’re sure to be able to help.

While we’re talking about the new class schedule, many of our most popular classes are back in March/April. Two-colour brioche knitting is a relatively new topic, but it’s proved very popular. How would it not, when it enables you to produce gorgeous fabric like this?

The class project can either be a scarf or mitts – here’s the former, knitted in a mixture of Noro Kochoran and Black Sheep Worsted.

The full class schedule for March/April is here – in addition to knitting and crochet, we’re offering spinning and finishing classes, so have a look to see how we can help.



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