First love

Less than a year ago, Nikki (nixx on Ravelry) taught herself to crochet. Like many new crocheters and knitters, she had a particular project in mind.

Having learned the stitches, she started looking at patterns, but none of them were exactly right, so as the project took form in her mind, a number of different patterns were melded together to shape it.

She ordered the yarn: 20 balls of Louisa Harding Mulberry pure silk DK. At 2487.2m, that’s quite a lot of yarn.

And then she made this.

The detail is breathtaking.

See those sparkles? That’s seven hundred Swarovski crystals.

The entire dress is lined with silk.

Nikki brought these pictures into the shop to show us a couple of weeks ago. Remember what we said about loving to see what the yarn grows up into?

A final view of the whole dress.

Nikki, it was a privilege to be associated with the making of your dress. Thank you for letting us post about it, and for sharing these beautiful photographs.


  1. As a crocheter of 16 years, I am as-tound-ed by this! That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen crocheted in my life!

    I am humbled, and jealous and so inspired!

  2. Nixx

    Thank you guys for putting this up and for the lovely comments. I am delighted to show it off having spent so long on it!

    A good friend persuaded me to learn and then taught me over a quite a few pints of guinness… Best thing ever, thanks Tricia πŸ˜‰

  3. Enormous

    That is fabulous and so special. A real family heirloom. Congratulations on the dress and the nuptials πŸ™‚

  4. We’re so delighted that this amazing project is getting the incredible feedback it so thoroughly deserves!

    Did we mention the circumference of the skirt when spread out is something like NINE metres?!?!

  5. Trish McCarthy

    What a magnificent dress. Well done Nixx! And you only started crocheting last year! A very special work.

  6. Maire Treanor

    I have been crocheting Clones Lace for 22 years, since my eldest daughter was a baby. I made the christening dress for the next 2, and thought I was doing well. It is a family heirloom. I told my youngest, now 19, about this dress. I hope they will be able to do something like this. It has really inspired me. Also a few people have said that I should try using yarn. Seeing how well this turned out, I would be tempted. I am used to using 60 and 80 mercerised thread!

  7. Janet Blackburne-Quirke

    What a fantastic achievement and a fabulous gown. I made 2 communion dresses for my daughters – one inspired by a blouse pattern and the other a combination of a christening gown pattern and a dress so I know a little about the work that went into the wedding dress. But I have been crocheting for 38 years since my granny taught me as a child. I don’t think I could have made a dress only 1 year after learning to crochet. As a family we still have blouses and a child’s dress made, in a rose and shamrock Irish crochet design, by my late grandmother over 30 to 50 years ago. Well done Nikki!

  8. Anne Hoey

    Hi everyone.
    I am inspired by the beautiful wedding dress on show. Congratulations. You must have felt sensational.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me?
    I am trying to track down any patterns for crocheting a Communion dress for my daughter.
    She is only 6 now, so it’s in two years, so at least I have given myself time to accomplish Mission Possible???
    If you know anyone who has a pattern languishing in an attic, please ask them to dig it out.
    I will pay for any costs involved.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Anne! That sounds like a really lovely project. Our immediate place to search for this sort of information is Ravelryhere’s the results of searching for a child’s dress in crochet.

    It might also be worth asking in the crochet groups there. You could try Crocheters In and Around Ireland, here’s Crocheters in the UK, and the biggest one by far is Crochet on Ravelry (the US crocheters in that last one will be using US terminology, but you can find our guide to pattern translation here.

    We can’t wait to see what your daughter – please share it when it’s finished (or when it’s being planned, or when it’s almost done – we love all the stages).


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