Cumulus Giveaway!

We all seek comfort at this time of year… some people find it in steaming mugs of hot chocolate, others basking in the warm glow of a fire. But we know there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a special yarn, especially one with the soft, fluffy halo of Baby Alpaca…

Cumulus 2

Fyberspates Cumulus is new to our shelves, but it had been on our wish list for some time. Jacqui in particular had been plotting an Ellora Scarf since late summer! We’ll be posting her FO as soon as it’s off the needles, but in the meantime here’s our top 5 pattern suggestions from Ravelry for this dreamy yarn.

(c) Susanna IC

1. Cumulus

This exquisite shawl from Susanna IC has to be top of the chart, with its dainty bead detailing and striking lace pattern. The beading is optional, but it does add a lovely drape to the finished shawl.

(c) Louise Zass-Bangham

2. Winter Shadows Wrap

Just as elegant, but much simpler in its execution, the Winter Shadows Wrap is a great example of using two complimentary yarns to great effect (in this case we would suggest combining Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply and Cumulus). The finish is subtle, but the resulting wrap would surely be a wardrobe staple for years to come…


3. Ellora

The scarf is the result of a nifty combination of textured moss stitch and delicate cables. We love it in this icy shade and think it would make the perfect accessory for brisk winter walks.

(c) Flickafish

4. Il Grande Favorito

This project would be sheer indulgence, knitted with two strands of Cumulus held together. We love the modification made by Ravelry User FlickaFish to make the front in garter stitch (as photographed). Pure luxury.

Seascape Stole

5. Seascape Stole

Kieran Foley is one of our favourite designers here at TIK, and his Seascape Stole has always been a popular pattern. The simple, flowing stitch pattern would be stunning in one of the jewel tone shades of Cumulus.


So that’s our top 5, but we’d like to know which pattern is top of your list for this yarn. Let us know, and you just might be lucky enough to win the yarn and the pattern to make your dream project.

Simply leave a comment below, stating the name of the pattern and the shade of Cumulus that you would knit it from. You can comment any time until the close of 2014 and we’ll announce a lucky winner in the New Year.


  1. Hannah

    I would knit Boo Knits Ocean Breeze in the appropriately named sea green and then pester my mother to make me a matching swirly skirt in silk!

  2. Sylvia

    First choice is winters Shadow wrap! In the colora shown! But ive wanted to knit a Susanna IC shawl so why not start with Cumulus in Cumulus in tomato red. How vorgeous would that be.

  3. Bernadette Farrell

    I absolutely adore #4,Il Grande Favorito,it looks like a warm hug,and I love it in the colour shown,baby blue,fab,fab,fab

  4. Michelle Ainslie

    i’d make a lovely snuggly sweater Il Grande Favorito in the Midnight shade. Just what’s needed for this horrible wild and wet wintry weather.

  5. I’ve already knit Lisa’s Slushie Cowl and I really love it so I think I would do that again. I already have some Scrumptious 4ply in my stash in Slate so I would use that together with Cumulus in Slate.

  6. Linda

    The Winter Shadows Wrap is gorgeous and I would love to make that. It’s simple and very, very effective!

  7. Dimana Peycheva

    Definitely the “Il grande favorito”.. it’s simply gorgeous and I’m sure it would be equally satisfying knitting it and wearing it.. πŸ™‚ I find it a bit hard to choose between the Teal and the Moonlight colour options.. but i think I’d go for Moonlight.. πŸ™‚

  8. Joan

    My choice is no. 2 – Winter Shadows Wrap – and because I love Christmas & winter so much, I would choose Cumulus in Ruby Red. It’s such a happy jolly festive colour & the yarn is fabulous.

  9. Emer Thornbury

    Cumulus shawl in moonlight colour. With some clear beads that have a silver core and would look like dewdrops.

  10. Rachel

    I love Il Grande Favorito, I would never have thought to use Cumulus to knit it. Fabulous idea. So it would be this pattern that I’d choose. As for the colour way, either water or teal, both are gorgeous.

  11. Laura Morrison

    I would love to knit the Hands Up wrist warmers using a strand of Bottle Green and Sea Green together

  12. Manuela

    I would love to knit Ellora with Cumulus Plum 908.
    Waing up the winter gales with it would be brilliant!

  13. claire d

    i’ve been waiting for an excuse to start Colour Affection! And I’d knit it in rust, slate and silver green.

  14. Claire

    ooohhh!! I would love to make “Firth o’ Forth” by Kate Davis in slate. I think it would be like wearing a hug πŸ™‚

  15. Jane Hearn

    Il grande favourite.. It’s so beautiful, a touch of luxury with my jeans. Gorgeous! And the colours… All so, so pretty!
    Hope you all have a very merry, happy christmas! Happy knitting!

  16. Jane Hearn

    Il grande favourito.. ItÒ€ℒs so beautiful, a touch of luxury with my jeans. Gorgeous! And the coloursÒ€¦ All so, so pretty!
    Hope you all have a very merry, happy christmas! Happy knitting!

  17. Florence

    My top one would be bir hakiem from cleonis a french designer (and also a friend) in color silver green.flo

  18. Florence

    I must say that it is not clear for me if we have to choose in your list or to give the favorite one from our list. If i have to choose from your list my favorite one would be gran favorito definitly in silver green.

  19. Anneoc

    The Winter Shadows wrap is so elegant and effective; proof that thoughtful choice of yarn and pattern can yield amazing results without being complicated and difficult! I’d love the teal in this.

  20. Joan Wadsworth

    You probably shouldn’t pick me because I would hang around the shop all day trying to make up my mind. Winter Shadows Wrap is my pattern. I’ve been waiting for just the right project for the 4 ply and this is it. Maybe water or teal or plum or …..

  21. Dairiona Lee

    What a beautiful yarn, I think that I would love to try the seascape shawl. I have never knit a shawl or used beads so a delightful challenge for 2015….

  22. Jo Everest

    Winter shadow wrap. Absolutely me, I will now have to buy the yarn to make all for myself in the New Year

  23. Catherine Rotte-Murray

    I would love to try a shawl with the sea green, the ones above are fab, seascapes or cumulus, but I would maybe try Photosynthesis or Glam Shells which would fit tha yarn equally well! Or even Haruni, which I haven’t done before! I’d agonise over choices but would love to have the opportunity to make that decision!

  24. Fiona K

    I am always slightly terrified of lace-weight yarn – it tends to be beautiful, and rarely as fragile as it appears, but I am still nervous of it!! I will one day work up the courage to knit Bonny (TinCanKnits) which is gorgeous summer knitwear!! And I would think a perfect colour way would be Sea Green!

  25. Heather

    I would love to knit Sarah Hatton’s See through striped jumper. It is made of stripes of a single strand and I would knit the thicker stripes with two strands.
    It would be perfection the dark grey colourway.

  26. Deirdre McKenna

    Oh the teal is just gorgeous, so it would have to be il grande favorito, sheer indulgence for me!

    Ive done winter shadows wrap and its gorgeous, so would also consider another in water as I have the scrumptious and it would make a lovely gift for someone special. I can recommend both the pattern and scrumptious so cant wait to get a feel of cumulus!

  27. Jaclyn Allen

    Being a huge Boo-Knits fan, I’d have to say Cumulus would look lovely in her Boo Humbug pattern in Magenta. Can’t go wrong with alpaca!

  28. Linda Rumsey

    Such a beautiful yarn would make a simple sweater look gorgeous, so it would be Il Grande Favorito in shade Water for me please!

  29. Myfanwy Humphreys

    I’d love to knit the winter shadows wrap in Plum Cumulus and Charcoal Scrumptious – beautiful!

  30. asteride

    I love all Isabell Kraemer patterns, then I would love to knit Il Grande Favorito in Silver Green.
    asteride on Ravelry

  31. Patricia

    Winter shadows wrap in cumulus silver green and scrumptious Also would do Cameo shawl I knit earlier this year, in the green and camel.

  32. Maryl

    My favourite would be Down by Kim Hargreaves in Ruby red. I think I would do the ‘solid’ stripes in scrumptious 4ply if the reds were compatible………… Having viewed/stroked the yarn today I think this would be the ultimate in luxury garments.