Christmas Giveaway!

Xmas Giveaway



In the midst of all the wonderful generosity surrounding the 12 days of Tin Can Knits, with plenty of free patterns and shop discounts, we’ve decided to spread even more joy and add a cherry on top: by doing a Christmas Giveaway here on the blog! One lucky winner will receive one of our very popular “I Want That Wrap” project kits, all festively wrapped up and ready for the holidays!

Included in the kit is 3 skeins of the gorgeous Donegal WSC Tweed in your choice of the available colours, the full pattern instructions (with helpful tips for the best results) and 7 x beautiful wooden buttons. This wrap is a quick and easy knit, and oh-so-cosy! Take a look at our shop sample below, it was a hit at our Yarn Dating event, truly flattering on everyone who tried it on.

I Want That Wrap

The combination of a relaxed gauge and the lightweight Aran tweed makes for beautiful drape, and the perfect effortless layer for chilly weather. The pattern is simple: worked flat as a basic rectangle with a tidy i-cord edge. Buttonholes are not even required, as the buttons are simply sewn in place afterwards and the wrap slips on over the head. It’s a great gift for any knitter, and we’re giving one away on December 21st!

We do love a good surprise, and Christmas is all about surprises, so to top off this already lovely giveaway we’re also adding a mystery goodie bag of yarn worth €35! What could be better than a mountain of wool for the holidays? You could be our lucky winner and take home the wrap project kit and a goodie bag packed full of yarn, find out how below.

To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment here and share what your absolute favourite knitting project was this year. Deadline for entries is Sunday December 20th, the winner will be selected at random and will be announced on Monday the 21st on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

A little bit of small print: The prize can be collected in store or delivered free to any address within Ireland; international entries are welcome too, but the winner would be asked to cover the cost of delivery.


  1. Eimear Byrne

    I’m just one year into knitting and this year has been consumed with knits for others, baby knits, Christmas gifts etc so I’m hoping my favourite knit will be in the year ahead! I’ve some gorgeous Malabrigo yarn waiting as well as getting the Irish Yarn Club from Santa this year to look forward to… so this year is the year of knitting what I want… The Carol Feller Short Row Knits book I bought from This is Knit is surely to be a contender for my favourite…. to do…. knit ideas! There is never enough yarn and I love surprises so this would be an amazing surprise!

  2. Bernie Roche

    My very very favourite knitting project of this year was my wall hanging project! I’m so proud of it! It’s so easy to make & can use up any leftovers from all your past years project. A monologue of them all 🙂

    Happy Knitting everybody x

  3. Bernie Kennedy

    I think it would have to be ‘garfunkel’!! Learned alot and it’s quick and the yarn is delicious and it looks much more complicated than it is! 🙂

  4. Joan

    There are so many wonderful patterns! I have enjoyed making the ribbon tool shawl, the hitch hiker neck wrap, Brickless shawl, knitted vest and mr. flurry snowman. Oh yes and several pairs of socks.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Miriam Bradley

    My favorite project this year was The Doodler . Stephen West MKAL. A skein of townhouse yarns was my main color ! love it !!

  6. Jenny

    My favourite project this year (it’s hard to pick just one) was probably the blanket I knit for my little baba. Jenny custom dyed some Townhouse mini skeins and I knit TCK’s Vivid.

  7. Valentina

    My favourite project this year was a knitted jumper from Ravelry pattern inspired by the the pullover Ron was wearing in Deathly Hallows for my friend’s beautiful 1 year old little boy.

  8. Bernadine biggs

    My favourite project this year was the Feamainn shawl from the Irish yarn club. I’d never knit a lace weight shawl before and it was a real struggle and I thought the knitting would never end. But the end result was so beautiful it was totally worth the pain!

  9. Carla McSorley

    My favourite project this year is the hat I’m currently working on (does that count?!). Its my first project using circular needles and wouldn’t have done it if it wasnt for the lovely staff at This Is Knit for being super helpful with a pattern to start off with and encouraging me not to be afraid of circular needles!! I actually love it and don’t know how I managed without them 🙂

  10. Martha Donley

    my Favorite project that I completed this year is the Kara Cardigan from Interweave Knits. It is heavy and warm enough to use as a jacket and I wear it everywhere. Second favorite is the “Follow arrow 2 mystery shawl” from Ysolda Teague.

  11. Laura

    I’ll stick with my first! Dirty Martini in Malabrigo Rios.
    I fell in love with that yarn and it’s seems to be turning into a long-term relationship 🙂

  12. Emily

    Hard to choose, but my favourite this year was the Cladonia shawl – I love it!

    This would be a fab prize to win! I recently cast on the I Want That Wrap, but hated the yarn I’d chosen so it’s currently hibernating….

    Merry Christmas!


  13. Sabrina

    My favourite knit this year was definitely Ysolda’s Dovana pattern. I knitted it in malabrigo sock yarn in terracotta. I finished just in time for Autumn and felt very seasonally appropriate wearing it!! 😊

  14. Ber

    I think my favourite would have to be a cardigan I knit for my newest baby. It was a pattern that my mam found handwritten in a notebook belonging to my grandmother. It just gave needle size, yarn weight and the basic outline of the pattern, no gauge or what size it was going to be (the was just titled baby matinee coat). It was fun work in it out and made me wonder what my grandmother would’ve thought if she knew that one day her granddaughter would be knitting it for her great grandson. I never knew her as she’d passed away long before I was born but I always thought she would’ve been a wonderful lady to know so it was nice having this small connection to her.

  15. Michelle Murphy

    Hands down, my favourite project this year was Siouxsie Stitches ‘Hella Gay Hat’ that I made for one of my best friends as a birthday gift. He loved getting daily picture updates on the progress and he got to try it on for the first time this weekend. The rainbow colours really popped against the black and it was so much fun to knit. Now to knit some more for his friends in time for the next gay pride event!

  16. Melanie

    I usually knit scarfs and hats, but my favourit project this year was to knit an owl for my little niece.

  17. My favourite knit in 2015? No doubt,the mitts I’ve just finished. I know there aren’t the best mitts in the world, but it’s the very first time I wrote a pattern myself!

    What I like most about knitting is that I’m constantly learning.

  18. Jackie Connolly

    My favourite knit this year was the Rue Shawl by Bristol Ivy. It was knit in a beautiful teal linen & cotton blend yarn from Denmark. The yarn was passed to me after a dear friend passed away last year. I enjoyed every minute working with it. The colour reminds me of Irene & I am so happy to wrap it around my shoulders. Love it!

  19. Cathy

    Thanks for the great giveaway. My favorite knit this year was a very easy cowl, The Darkside, which I know for a friends birthday. It was a quick knit. It is my favorite because almost every time I see my friend she is wearing it!

  20. teresa

    My fave project this year is a dragon scaled shawl in a green tweed sock weight yarn. Not finished yet but getting there. First attempt at a lace shawl too.
    Really love this prize. Lucky knitter who bags this!

  21. Patricia

    Oh gosh there were so many this year. But I really loved TIN Can Knits workshop, so I made the cardi and vivid blankets for my TWIN grandchildren Sheenagh and Donnacha. Last thing i made was the MoJo Hat, in pink and the green/blue shades. Went down a treat. So I need all the yarn I can get, quickly using up my stash!!!

  22. Gillian Harkness

    Oh my it’s so hard to pick just one favourite…but okay then I’ll have to say my Karie Westermann Tryghed hat that I made with a skein of the much loved Malabrigo Rios in Ivy I bought from the shop when I came to the carol feller book launch. I get so many compliments about this hat and the brown pompom I bought to add to the top just makes it pop :-). Thank you ladies for an amazing knitting year!!! Looking forward to 2016 😘

  23. Ann Hannigan Breen

    My great knitting discovery this year was Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket. now looking forward to retiring in January and thinking about her ABCSJ (Adult, Baby, and Child’s Surprise Jacket) for eveyone I love!
    But I could certainly fit in your “I want tThat Wrap” during my New Year holidays in Dublin.
    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous (as they say here in Spain)New Year!

  24. Jules

    I learnt sock knitting this year so I have a couple of pairs of vanilla socks that I am very proud of but overall I think the almost matching hats I knitted for the children it was the Tofino surfer pattern is my favourite as they look so cute in them.

  25. Frances

    My favourite is a beautiful hat i made for a recent test knit. I particularly enjoyed using Fyberspates 4ply in Flying Saucer which i purchased in TIK.

  26. Julie Farrell

    So hard to choose only one…I was struck dumb yesterday when I realised that my father had carefully washed and hung out the socks I knit him with Donegal wool this time last year. I love every knit that becomes a gift. The trouble with knitting as a hobby is that you either have a job to pay for the wool or the time to complete allcthe projects you want to work on! Thank you for making that trade off a little easier for student knitters with your shop’s discount, it’s so generous!

  27. Sarah

    I really love the Sand Bank hat! I have made several this year as gifts and can’t wait to finally make myself one. 🙂

  28. Angie

    My favourite thing that I made this year was a hat for a 10 year old that had cancer. It was cotton so she wouldn’t feel too hot if she wanted to wear in the house or hospital. I added a flower to the side of it and was so cute on her. I got word yesterday she is cancer free so all the prayers that I said while making it must have helped! It was such good news. The other things were two blankets and sweater set for my new grandbaby in April. I was in Ireland in September and stopped by your shop…so beautiful! I hope to go back one day.

  29. Carol Perecman

    My favorite knit this year was Carol Feller’s Dacite. I knit it in Studio Donegal Soft Donegal, which was wonderful. I am wool sensitive and can only wear merino yarn and suchlike, so was thrilled to find this yarn which is a lovely tweed and very wearable! I always get compliments when I wear the jacket.
    I’ve been looking at wrap patterns and that one caught my eye. It would be great to be able to knit it in real Irish yarn! Thanks for the opportunity…and happy holidays to you all!

  30. Siobhan Hackett

    My favourite knit this year was my colour affection shawl. Loved my Grand Canal mittens too. Made them a few times.

  31. Ana Lopes

    My absolute favourite thing to knit this year was the Maile Cardigan in Malabrigo Sock Ochre for my baby Sofia. I love it!! It’s gorgeous!!

  32. Maryl

    My favourite knit this year is my Mithral………it’s a brilliant combination of a Carol Feller pattern, Fyberspates Cumulus and a KAL. I still have to block it but it will be very cosy if the weather ever gets colder!!

  33. Anne

    I think it must be the Cabled Yoke Pullover by Patons, even though it’s basically plain, I love the cable rib and band around the shoulders which it all starts from. Very warm and perfect for the bitter cold days.
    I’ve knitted some dog sweaters too with I found quite fun, I think it’s the novelty more than anything else, both by Drops, Valentino and 102-42.
    I tried a shawl pattern too but it turned out to small for one and is a better scarf.

  34. Jeannine

    My favourite knit this year was my Echarpe Vitraile, a beautiful design by Daniele Dietrich for Elle Tricot. A long project shawl with tons of intarsia squares, a lot of weaving in of tails of yarn, but well worth all the trouble.

  35. Stephanie Bardwell

    What a great opportunity. My favorite knitting project was a sweater that is almost done. I have lost a bit of weight and can’t wait to get into a smaller size hand knit.

  36. pati

    I’ve just recently started knitting and I Have made a wonderful scarf with thick variegated yarn. Thanks very much for this generous and beautiful giveaways, merry Christmas, Pati x

  37. Terri Love

    I am loving the Herriott Great hat I made, it’s just perfect! I’m also liking a cowl I made with beading, having been to the embellishment workshop during the summer. Fun trying out new things!

  38. Gitte

    Carol Feller’s Landscape Waves! The construction is unique and so fun to knit. The cardigan is so wearable. I use it nearly everyday.

  39. Catherine Rotte-Murray

    Among the many knits I enjoyed this year my absolute favourite has to be the shawl I made with the fabulous Coolree yarn club Sapphire colourway merino/cashmere/nylon sock weight yarn I got as a Christmas present. I made the crescent shawl Sacre Coeur which was a lovely knit as it was adaptable, you could do it all lace or with a stocking or garter stitch base bordered with lace. I chose to do up to half its depth in stocking stitch and then continue in lace doing two repeats of the arches and one of the stained glass windows lace edging, finishing with a picot cast off. The variations are infinite but this turned out beautiful and used up all the yarn. I made it while travelling to and from a family wedding in the Netherlands and it was perfect for plane/road knitting. I wear it a lot and it’s a squishy snug warm silky cloak next to my skin. Heavenly!
    Sorry I got a bit carried away there but luxury yarn always has me waxing lyrical!

  40. I only took up knitting this year (but have also been crocheting for years). I think my first project was my favourite, I knitted and felted a woolen coat for my Yorkshire terrier – I’m especially pleased with the alterations I made to the pattern so it would have an opening at the bag for attaching the lead to her harness.

  41. MissPickett

    My favourite project would have to be ‘Mithral’ a jumper by Carol Feller which was part of a KAL. The pattern came with a bonus pattern of a hat which can be used as a swatch. I didn’t make the deadline but I just have to block it now. The hat turned out great though, I hope the jumper does too!

  42. Aoife Harrison

    I think my favourite project of this year was the lovely cable jumper I knitted from Louisa Harding’s Esquel booklet. I was inspired by the sample I saw in store and I’m so proud of finishing my first ever garment! I’ve knit socks, gloves, scarves, blankets, toys, but was always intimidated by the prospect of a jumper or a cardigan where something like gauge really mattered. But thanks to the lovely staff at This is Knit, who I peppered with all manner of ridiculous questions, I have a great addition to my wardrobe and my skill set!

  43. Roisin

    My favourite knitting project was my tea cosy adventure! They can also be worn as hats 🙂

    Happy Christmas!

  44. Crocheting a full sized Cottage Ripple Blanket sustained me throughout the year. I crocheted on the beach, in the car, watching TV, on hols in France, in airports, on trains and sitting up in bed and as it grew, it kept me warm! This project was a labour of love for my daughter who was planning to study abroad and wanted to take it with her so every stitch brought home to me that she would be leaving…but leaving with memories of me and a blanket made with love. As it happened, she opted to stay in Cork so we have the double bonus of holding onto her for another while longer. The blanket is still destined to go with her and it will go with love and gratitude.

  45. Wendy

    After Christmas last year I washed my daughters Christmas jumper. It went from a ladies size small to a child’s size small in a matter of minutes. So to replace it this year I knit her a new Christmas jumper. Fair isle yoke of trees and what looks like dots of snowflakes in the body. Pattern Sirdar 9614. Never attempted anything like this before and it turned out great. More importantly it fits beautifully and she loves it!

  46. Regina

    My favourite knit this year was probably my simplest! I did a pretty simple reversible slip stitch cowl, in odds and ends of yarn (cream and a sea green with hints of navy in it), and it ended up having a lovely crosshatching type effect on the upper part (in cream). I loved every minute of working on it and adored the result, and it’s rare that both happen on the same project. Usually one happens far more than the other. Folks, thank you for all that you do, and may ye all have a great and yarn filled 2016!