Belated WWKIP Post

The day itself has been well documented here, here and here but I had some good pictures of the event to share…




I did promise sock pictures – sorry this one is a bit dark. This was the first of a now-completed pair in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. I used left overs of the Irving Park shade for the toes and heels to get a full size pair out of one skein of “Watercolour”.


This picture (photographer credit goes to Carrie) is the one I really wanted to share. That there is the Birch Shawl! I love how the light catches the stitch pattern and shows off the halo of the Kidsilk Haze. There was a bit of mentoring going on as one knitter was just starting hers – I’m sure there’s no better motivation than that beauty 🙂


  1. Jackie

    The Birch Shawl is so worth completing!!! It turns even the blandest pair of jeans and t-shirt into an elegant ensemble…. as well as keeping one very cosy as I discovered on a recent airline flight!!!! Keep at it!