After all that…

Here’s a little eye candy for the knitters 🙂



… some nice detailed pics of MaryL’s Juliaca from Mirasol Book 1, using Miski Baby Llama yarn …

(Photo credit goes to Aileen)


  1. Mary L

    Fabulous photography – really shows off the colours in the yarn.

    For anyone tempted to knit this, it is a very simple knit being mainly 2×2 rib with cables on the bottom of the main body and sleeves and on the collar. No button bands to be done as it is closed by a single button at the top, which is incorporated into the front. It comes in two lengths.

  2. Fab. Wonderful. The yarn looks gorgeous too. I’ll certainly be checking that out on my next TIK visit.


  3. Hey! I’ve just been to see this at the shop. It’s soooooo much nicer than any of the pics in the book.

    There aren’t enough words for gorgeous to cover it. Sublime supreme divine scrummy luscious and heavenly – are just a few. The yarn is wonderful and Mary’s knitting and finishing is of course top class.

    Guess this is going in my queue!