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In our last post, we talked about new knitting tools from Knitpro. The same Knitpro delivery brought good things for crocheters too, and here they are. This is the Wave set: superior tools, beautifully presented.

They’re designed to be especially comfortable in the hand, with soft rubber grips in size-specific colours. The hook is smooth and just the right amount of pointy. Many people find a slightly thicker handle helps to reduce fatigue, and these Waves fit the bill nicely.

At the moment we have the Waves kit in stock, with sizes 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 and 6.00. Single hooks, which range from 2.00 to 12.00, can be ordered in specially for you, just like their tiny Karbonz DPNs cousins.

Here’s some truly space-age needles! They’re Knitpro Karbonz, and they’re made of carbon fibre, just like powerboats and space ships and racing cars.

We’ve just got them in as interchangeable tips (sizes 3.00mm to 4.00mm), fixed circulars (from 2.00mm to 2.75mm) and individual sets of DPNs (from 2.25mm to 3.00mm). They’re ever so fast to knit with, and the surface of the carbon fibre is just a smidge more grippy than the nickel-plated Knitpros. This, with those lovely pointy tips, makes them ideal kit for lace knitting.

And if you’re looking for a fantastic present for yourself or someone else, then the Sock Set would be just the thing – it’s got five sizes (2.00mm, 2.50mm, 3.00mm, 3.5mm and 4.00mm) all in a very handy and attractive wallet. (If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a knitter, then what could be better?)

Using carbon fibre material means that these needles can go very small indeed – all the way down to 1.00mm! We won’t be carrying the really teeny sizes routinely, but we’d be delighted to order them in for you specially, so get in touch if you want to try tiny knitting!

Today we’re delighted to feature a guest post by Fiona Parker and Daniel Rye, who supply us with amazing Navia yarn from the Faroe Islands. As part of the Slow Fashion movement, they’re committed to bringing traditional skills and twenty-first century styling to a wider market, and we’re very pleased to be part of that.

The Faroe Islands – a tiny archipelago in the North Atlantic – mean a lot to us. We met there, lived there, and now we import Faroese yarns. As UK and Ireland agents for Navia we are helping to spread the word about these wonderful wools and an amazing knitting tradition.

Navia (from the word Scandi-navia) was started 10 years ago by Óli Kristian á Torkilsheyggi, a young entrepreneur whose family has been in the wool business for generations, and who also finds time to tend his own flock of sheep. When we visited last summer, he helped our four-year-old daughter feed milk to a young lamb.

Navia yarn is a blend of Faroese wool with Shetland wool, and Australian lambswool. Òli Kristian is a perfectionist who is always seeking to improve the quality of his yarns, and to find new colours and blends.

The Faroe Islands have a rich heritage of knitting patterns, which Navia have taken into the 21st century by commissioning some wonderfully stylish patterns from a talented team of Faroese designers. Every 6 months or so a new pattern book is published, which we then translate into English. The photos for these patterns are taken by Òli Kristian’s sister, Beinta – it is a real family business!

We are so thrilled that This is Knit is the first shop in Ireland to stock Navia yarn and patterns, and we hope that readers of this blog will get a chance to visit the shop to see and touch these gorgeous yarns for themselves!

We’ve just got some stunningly gorgeous sample garments from Navia to display in the shop, so drop in and feel the finished product for yourself if you can. We’ll be sure to feature them in a blog post here very soon too, so there’s a treat in store for colourwork fans!

All images in this post © Navia Yarn

Spring is clearly on the way. The weather’s shown an upturn over the last few days, and we’ve got new Spring/Summer yarn and garments in the shop.

One of the loveliest this year is Louisa Harding’s brand new Noema. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend, and it’s got the prettiest long colour changes which work up into a dappled tweedy fabric.

The cardigan in the image above is called Azurine, and it’s one of the fourteen garment and accessory pattern in the Noema booklet. It’s such a Louisa Harding signature piece: pretty to wear and straightforward to knit. The largest size takes only six balls, so it’s quick as well as terribly versatile.

Good news

It’s always a good day when you get to announce good news, so we’re particularly happy today.

First of all, our winter sale has just started, and there’s so much lovely yarn available at big discounts! You can find details of what’s on offer at this link, and of course the sale is online as well as in the shop!

Second, we’re delighted to announce the winner of our Christmas newsletter competition: Susan Harvey has won a place at one of Carol Feller’s workshops in February! (If you’re not already getting the newsletter, you can sign up on our front page by scrolling down a little here.) Congratulations, Susan, and we hope you enjoy the workshop!

If you didn’t win, though, there’s still a few places available for Carol’s workshops, too. Her Sweater Surgery class on the morning of February 15th can be booked at this link. If you’re looking for Short Rows Demystified, which is on the afternoon of the same day, you’ll find details here. We’re looking forward to Carol coming back to This Is Knit so much!

Like many people, we’re awfully partial to Evelyn Clark’s Swallowtail shawl, and we’ve made it over the years in many different yarns. As you can see from the picture above, we’ve found a new favourite for it!

Katia Airlux is a novel yarn – it’s made from fibre blown through a tiny chained tube, and the result is really striking. It’s got a deep metallic sheen in jewel colours, made subtle by the dark filling, and you get an impressive 300 metres to a ball. It’s a natural for party scarves or shrugs over the winter season.

But what has really surprised and delighted us is how well it blocks. As you can see, it opens out to a light-as-air fabric which shows off Swallowtail’s Estonian lace so prettily, and then it holds the block like a dream.

We’re thrilled with this, and we’re planning lots more lace with Airlux! And we’re wondering what other yarns have unexpected potential. So we thought we’d ask you – what happy discoveries have you made?


We’ve been talking in the last few weeks about the lovely new yarns and patterns that Debbie Bliss and Louisa Harding showed us at the Yarn Tasting, and here’s another star of the show: Debbie’s new Milano.

This is one of Debbie’s new offerings for Autumn/Winter 2013/14. It knits up fast, it’s perfect for cardigans and jumpers and jackets and it comes in a lovely subtle palette.

As you’d expect from Debbie, there’s a supporting Milano pattern book stuffed with stylish, fashion-forward designs. We’ve got the Hour Glass Top in the shop as a sample at the moment, and you can see it in the picture above. Close up, you can see the gorgeous tweedy fabric it produces.

Milano’s proved very popular so far, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you make with it. The Yarn Tasting was so inspirational in that respect – why not tell us in the comments below what’s leapt into your queue!

One of the star attractions of the Yarn Tasting was Louisa Harding’s amazing new yarn Luzia, and the gorgeous sample garments she showed us made up in it.

Well, you can imagine how impressed we were when one of our talented customers, Karen, came in just five days later with the lovely cardigan in the picture above. It’s the Cora cropped cardigan from the Luzia pattern collection. She’d cast on the very night of the Yarn Tasting, and it was already finished!

Luzia’s a tremendously fun yarn. It knits up into a fabric that looks like fur and it comes in the most beautiful jewel tones. And on 7mm or 8mm needles, you can see your work grow before your very eyes! This is the very best kind of instant gratification!

And now we’re wondering if you have any other finished objects that grew of the Yarn Tasting. Do tell us in the comments below!

There’s less than two weeks to go to the Yarn Tasting, and every day brings new deliveries of yarn! It’s great fun opening the boxes, and it’s great fun making samples to display too. This little cardigan is made in a brand new offering: Sublime Luxurious Aran Tweed, which is a wool, cotton and llama mix.

As you can see, it plays beautifully with cables (the little cardigan above is Carol Feller’s Rossbeg), and the colours are rich and satisfying. And with 100 metres in a ball, it goes a long way too.

We’re having a wonderful summer here in Dublin, and it’s going to be a warm and cozy winter too.

New blue

Round this time of year, we start to receive the goodies that we’ll be stocking over the coming autumn and winter, and it’s always exciting. We’ll be showcasing lots of them at the Yarn Tasting, of course, but honestly, we can’t wait that long to share them with you! So here, with some fanfare, is the first: Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester DK.

We were very impressed last year with the aranweight version of this heritage breed yarn (we blogged about it here). So we’re awfully pleased to have this DK weight in stock, and there’s more than one cozy cardigan being planned around it. We’re entranced by the sprightly twist of the ply and the way that Blue Faced Leicester yarns work up soft and comforting when you knit them up. And oh! the colours!

It’s going to be a lovely Autumn/Winter 2013/2014!

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