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What a gorgeous set of Daybreak shawls! Our spring Knit-ALong was an awful lot of fun (they’re the ones that were posted in the thread, though we’re sure there’s lots of others that got made too!).

And as promised, we’ve picked a prize winner using the Random Number Generator, and we’re very happy to announce that the lucky knitter is Gill (who’s Poppylillious on Ravelry). Her prize comes in two parts. The first is a skein of lovely Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace

…and the second is a copy of Kate Davies’ pattern, A Hap For Harriet.

We’re delighted that you enjoy our KALs so much. In fact, we’re planning a new one right now, so keep an eye here for an announcement very soon. (And you might be able to discern a clue to what it’ll be in this very post….)

Congratulations, Gill, and also to everyone who worked on those lovely Daybreaks!

Our World Wide Knit in Public Scavenger Hunt was great fun, and the points have been counted!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone – we couldn’t stop refreshing the thread to see the latest postings, and your pictures were amazing! There were frogs and tigers and famous musicians and ever so many unicycles, and the standard of the photography was stunning!

And would you believe it: one extra knitter in the group photo decided first and second place! So without further ado, and in ascending order…

Third prize goes to JenBear! It was lovely to see knitting so prominently displayed in our oldest university, and we’re delighted to see our neighbours A Rubanesque featured!

Second prize goes to Neavis, who melted our hearts with Bó the Cow and proved that Marty Morrissey is a terrific sport!

And in first place, let’s hear it for PrettyandPink! With help from a very small Erica, a Eurovision winner and ten fantastic weekly knitters, she’s a worthy winner!

Congratulations to you all for making this a wonderful competition! You know when people say “you all deserve to win”? Well, we really mean it! We’ve been so impressed at all the entries that we’ve decided to give a prize to all the entrants! So here’s to you, Cathliin, eistear, LouiseSaoirse and snailishk! Get in touch with us – we have some delicious Studio Donegal Soft prizes for you!

Thank you all again, and let’s keep spreading the Knit in Public word!

Next up in our continuing series of staff posts, Maria tells us about a gorgeous jumper, the power of persuasion and the joy of knitting garments that fit!

When it comes to knitting, I have a tendency to go for shawl patterns involving a single skein of sock yarn and a very loose interpretation of gauge. This approach has generally yielded more pretty neck pieces than I can reasonably expect to get around to wearing. But hey, they’re fun to knit, and that’s the point! Right?

Okay, confession time… years ago, after a few disastrous attempts to construct a garment that actually fit (tension square? what tension square?), I gave up. I decided handknit sweaters were not in my repertoire. I became a knitter of shawls, (and the occasional pair of socks), and that was that. However, it turns out you’re never too old to be susceptible to peer pressure, and when Jen and I came across this pretty little pattern, we decided that we would do it. Both of us. At the same time. So I couldn’t chicken out!

The pattern is called Snowflake, from TinCanKnits, and it’s just lovely. Jen used a beautiful combination of Louisa Harding Orielle and Malabrigo Arroyo (she has a thing for the hand-dyes!), and I plumped for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (because I already owned some. Okay, a lot. And I wanted an excuse to buy some of the purple. Cuz it’s pretty).

A top-down knit, try on as you go, pretty lace yoke for a bit of interest and detail. Using a finer yarn on slightly larger needles, it knit up surprisingly quickly! (Even more quickly when you’ve Jen in your ear constantly nagging. I mean encouraging. Yeah. Encouraging).

The end result? A finished garment. And it fits me! I am ridiculously happy with this FO! It turns out I know how to knit stuff that fits, who knew?

Of course, given the temperatures at the moment, it’ll probably be a while before either of us get to wear our sweaters in the shop! But we’re okay with the sunshine… we’re just a little better prepared for the autumn now, too.

And sure if we start to feel chilly, I think there might be a shawl or two hanging around that we could use…

The glorious weather that’s arrived in Ireland for World Wide Knit in Public Week has us in joyful mood, so we’re having an impromptu Prize Draw!

If you spend €20 in the shop or online today, Friday or Saturday (that’s the 19th to the 21st of June), you’ll be automatically entered into a draw for a whole ten-ball pack of lovely Debbie Bliss Mia and the gorgeous Mia pattern book. With twelve classic patterns for the whole family, including this smart child’s jumper, what more could you want for a quick summer knit?

The glorious weather that’s arrived in Ireland for World Wide Knit in Public Week has us in joyful mood, so we’re having an impromptu Prize Draw!

If you spend €20 in the shop or online today, Friday or Saturday (that’s the 19th to the 21st of June), you’ll be automatically entered into a draw for a whole ten-ball pack of lovely Mia pattern book. With twelve classic patterns for the whole family, what more could you want for a quick summer knit?

you’ll be automatically entered into a draw for a whole ten-ball pack of lovely Debbie Bliss Mia and the gorgeous Mia pattern book. With twelve classic patterns for the whole family, including that smart child’s jumper, what more could you want for a quick summer knit?

It’s Scavenger Hunt time! Until next Sunday, it’s World Wide Knit in Public Week, and there are This Is Knit customers all over the place, snapping pictures of their knitting and crochet.

You can find details of the competition here, and this is the Ravelry thread for posting your images. But we’ve promised you a look at the prizes, so here goes!

We’re giving away €250 worth of goodies, and there’s prizes for first, second and third place. Up at the top of the page you can see First Prize – a mouthwatering collection of three skeins of Malabrigo Rios, a dreamy skein of chunky alpaca from Coolree Yarns, an exclusive shawl pin designed by Eimear Earley, a starter set of Knitpro “Dreamz”needles, a darling set of cleverly shaped scissors, a packet of Maria’s beautiful jewelled stitch markers, yarn needles, a set of sweet metal “handmade” tags and the dotiest wee crocheted jumper dangling from a keyring.

For second place, look at these gorgeous things: a skein of This Is Knit’s exclusive “Powerscourt” colourway in Hedgehog Fibres Sock, a skein of Mirasol Sami, five balls of Navia Duo and an excellent Navia pattern book.

And for third place, you can win a colourful basket of yarn from Noro (that’s Silk Garden 4-ply in there), Louisa Harding Noema and Sublime Baby Bamboo, together with some Mirasol Paqu Pura.

Our prize, though, is seeing your pictures! So grab your knitting, your flyer, the list of challenges and your camera, and let your imagination run with it! The competition thread on Ravelry is open until Sunday next at midnight, so you’ve plenty of time to throw your (knitted) hat in the ring!

There’s chatter all over the place about our Scavenger Hunt, even though the picture-posting doesn’t start until Monday. Over on twitter, for example, there’s a sudden interest in unicycles….

We promised you a how-to for editing a Ravelry post to add additional pictures, and here you are! (This is also useful for when you want to go back and add to any post over there to change a word or give more information.)

To begin with, get your new picture up in a project page, just as described in this blog post. You’ve made a post in the Scavenger Hunt thread already, so go there and look at the bottom right hand corner of your post. You’ll see a button marked “edit” (there’s also a “delete” button which will get rid of your post entirely and a “reply” button too, but you won’t be using them for adding a picture).

When you click on “edit”, you’ll be brought to a screen that looks like this:

You’ll want to add your new picture and the text that describes its challenge and claims your new points here. You can do this in any order – here we’ve added the text first, and the next stage is to put the new picture in. The picture will show up wherever your cursor is – the big pink arrow’s pointing to it in our image below:

Now you just need to tell Ravelry to show your new picture, so click on the “Polaroid picture” in the row of little icons above the screen:

You’ll be offered a number of options – you want to choose “use a project or stash photo”:

You’re very nearly done, but first you want to check that your edited post looks just like you intend. Well, that’s what the preview button in the top right hand corner is for:

Clicking on that will let you see what your post’s going to look like, and then clicking anywhere on the preview will make it go away again. So check your post, make any changes you like, and then click on “save changes”:

And then your edited post appears, and you can be sure you’ll be awarded the new points you’re claiming!

Now to find a unicycle…!

With just a week to go before our Scavenger Hunt kicks off, it’s time to start planning your winning shots!

So here’s what you have to do! First of all, download the WWKiP Scavenger Hunt flyer and print it out. For a picture to qualify as an entry, it must include the flyer. (And if passers-by ask what you’re up to, it’s a good way to explain!)

Next, get your mitts on the full list of challenges here!

The numbers in each challenge – (10), (15), etc. – are the points that you can claim for a qualifying image. When you post your image, type in the number and category of the challenge and the number of points you’re claiming with it. The post will look like this (though this one, which lacks the flyer, wouldn’t qualify!):

Entries should be posted in this thread on Ravelry. If you’re not sure how to post pictures in threads then we’ll be blogging some tips later in the week. We’ll be announcing the prizes you can win then too.

Posting will be live from Saturday June 14th to Sunday June 22nd. You can post at any point within that time – you can do it in bits or all at once, and if you find a better image, you can go back and edit your entries within those dates too.

With the exception of challenge number 5, you should post only one picture per category. Part of the fun, of course, is finding the image that will earn the most points, so exercise all your cunning! Actually, Challenge No.9 is a perfect excuse to get your local crocheters and knitters out for a gathering! So much fun, and points to boot!

We’re very very proud indeed to have a gorgeous new range to show you: this is Townhouse Yarns. It’s our newest hand-dyed offering, and it’s special for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s very lovely. There’s two weights available right now in the shop: Grafton, a fingering weight which is 80% merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon (so it’s perfect for very delectable socks)…

…and Chatham, an 80/20 merino/silk laceweight in generous 1200m skeins.

The colours are vibrant and saturated (just look at that shocking pink fingering!) and the bases are so deliciously soft.

The second reason is that Townhouse Yarns is the work of our very own Jen! She’s been practising hand-dyeing for a good while, and now her creations are ready to meet the public. So if you’re passing the shop, do drop in for a look. Both weights are selling very fast, but there’s more on the way!

There’s quite a buzz at the counter and online about the WWKiP Scavenger Hunt. A lot of you will be using smartphones to take your pictures, so a few hints on getting them from the phone to Ravelry might be useful.

You’ll find the main Ravelry wiki page on uploading pictures at this link. There’s lots of different options, and back in this blog post you can read the This Is Knit tutorial on posting pictures to a project page from a desktop or laptop and then linking to the images.

If you’re using a smartphone, the process is a little different, though just as straightforward. There’s very little difference between iPhone and Android devices here. Setting up a project page is the same simple process: clicking on “projects” in “my notebook” gives you the option of starting a new page. All the fields are simple to fill in (yarn, pattern used, hook or needles and so on).

When you’ve set your project page, go to town taking pictures of your lovely creation! When you’re ready to upload your pictures, simply go to the Ravelry project page on the phone, and click on the white “add photos” tab near the top.

On the page that appears, select the “upload from iPhone camera roll” tab. If you’re using an Android phone, the tab reads “upload from Android device” (and that’s the only difference you’ll encounter).

Then click on “choose photos”, and you’ll be brought straight to your photos folder on your phone.

Pick the images you want to upload and click “done”. You’ll be brought back to the upload page on Ravelry, where once you select “upload”, your picture will appear beside your project notes. Tada!

Adding your picture to a forum thread from there is simple (and this blog post walks you through it).

Being able to shoot in the field and post straight into the Scavenger Hunt thread makes the whole thing seamless (and round here, “seamless” is one of our favourite words!).

As we move into the Bank Holiday weekend, here’s a reminder that we’re open as normal on Saturday May 31st and closed on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. But there’s plenty of time yet to avail of our 8th Birthday celebration offer!

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