Christmas Knits Series

Over the next two and a bit weeks we’ll be sharing some suggestions for our favourite Christmas Knits here. With time marching on they’ll all be relatively quick knits and, best of all, they’ll be accompanied by a special offer for the suggested yarns. We’re calling it ten-for-three and it starts here! 😀

Robins Hat


This is a nifty free pattern and it’s available right here.

There are lots of gorgeous versions of this on Ravelry and it can be worked up from just one skein of Lambs Pride Bulky yarn.

So what’s ten-for-three? Well, we’re offering 10% off on this yarn for this project for three days from right now. You can avail of the 10% off by calling into the shop or by placing an order by phone or email. Web orders are also possible – just enter ten-for-three into the comments section and we will process a refund of 10% back into your Paypal account when we ship your order.

Patterns for Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree

Here’s quick round up of some great patterns, all available online, that can be used for our Christmas Decoration Competition. There’s a great variety here so I hope you’ll find something you like! I’m getting some brilliant ideas for my own tree too 😀

The first is pictured above and the pattern is here.

Have a look at these Mini Sweaters for a little something different.

The “mini” them continues with gloves and mittens (This is a ravelry download)

This Lace Ornament can also be worked with wire to great effect…

Where would we be without a Mini Christmas Stocking?

And here’s another Ravelry download for a wee sock

Mini Mittens are perfect for any tree…

And this page offers a whole selection of decorations

Finally I saved a search on Ravelry with lots of other suggestions – happy browsing everyone!

Christmas Decoration Competition

It’s Christmas Decoration time chez TIK and that means you have a chance to win this incredible selection of goodies!

Christmas Basket Prize

“How?” I hear you ask…*

Well, every year we add a few more of our own hand made decorations to the shop but this time around we’d love to get everyone involved! So, if you have odds and ends of yarns from finished projects, you can turn them into a small knitted or crocheted ornament, and into the chance to win:

6 balls of Luxury Aran Tweed in great Christmassy shades
1 Bottle of Ravelry Scented SOAK (an apple-y smell)
1 Pair of Chocolate Bunni Crafts Knitting Needles (these ones have little Christmas Trees on top!)
A set of sweet angelic Ceramic Buttons
A copy of Crocheted Gifts from Interweave Press.

For every little decoration we receive you will be entered into the draw for this prize and you can drop in as many decorations as you like.

The deadline for entries will be Friday 17th of December and we’ll announce the winner on the morning of Saturday 18th December.

I’ve been trawling through websites for some suggested patterns and, while there are a few more advanced ones, a lot of them can be worked up quickly in an evening. This is a fun competition and mini fairisle socks are only called for if you really will enjoy knitting them. In my next post I’ll give links to some of the great patterns I have found but feel free to invent your own!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with. 😀 Happy Crafting One and All!

*(I really must see someone about those voices!)

Tales from the Window: Frost in November

pattern book clutched under elbow

Oh November. Cold, driving rain, a bit like strands of grey wool. Bitter icy drops, a bit like silver star shaped stitchmarkers (say that fast).

birdy birdy coldy birdy

Cold little bird, perched on wool that has turned blue and white from the winter.

first line

“Not yesterday I learned to know…

second line

The love of bare November days…

third line

Before the coming of the snow.”


Fair play, Rob. You could have been writing about knitting in winter. Like Emily Dickinson, who actually did!

Autumn—overlooked my Knitting

Autumn—overlooked my Knitting—
Dyes—said He—have I—
Could disparage a Flamingo—
Show Me them—said I—

Cochineal—I chose—for deeming
It resemble Thee—
And the little Border—Dusker—
For resembling Me—

(Emily Dickinson)

Go Emily! Patron poet of dyers, spinners, knitters and crocheters.

riding coat

Her winter warmer cosy coat then, was probably red. We’ve got ours in an elegant navy.


So put on your wool, brew up a cuppa, and enjoy a browse of all the new pattern books we have in stock. It’s definitely, definitely, the time of year for knitting 😀

Knitting & Stitching Show Photo Album

These are blurry because the life of a Papp (that’s me) is a hard one, and you have to dodge round, grab people, shout, sneak and use lots of covert strategy to capture the action. And here it is! All the action from the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS 2010. Our stall was mad busy for the whole four days – have a look for yourself below!

hello from jacqui!

hello up there

dyeing to meet you

like mother like daughter


stash enhancement smile

oh me arms

learn baby learn


another satisfied customer

rubbing shoulders with celebs

fibre fun fugees

New Tenants

spud and chloe 1

Some new tenants have moved into the shop… Can you guess what this first photo is?

spud and chloe 2

That’s right! Spud & Chloe! Sweater Worsted is making its debut on Irish shores.

worsted cotton

And let’s also put our hands together for Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton! Squishy, soft and super.

dk alpaca silk

And smash a bottle of champagne against the prow of this fine new cargo! Luscious Blue Sky Alpacas Silk and Alpaca. Omnomnom.

They’re all very excited to meet you!

Tales From The Window: Halloween

knitting witch

The Three Witches in Macbeth represented darkness, chaos, and conflict. What a big job that must have been! Full of pressure and stress and deadlines, I’m sure. Luckily for them, they had hobbies. This witch liked to knit in her spare time.

crochet witch

They “communicated treason and impending doom”. Well, we’ve all been there, haven’t we. When the pattern betrays us and the hat starts looking as though it will fit a giant. This witch liked to crochet at weekends.

spindling witch

“Double double, toil and trouble” was actually a reference to plying, experts have found. This witch liked to spindle in her lunch breaks, see?

broomsticks knitting

“Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog and the filthy air,
Brooms are needles and needles are brooms, use them to knit when you have no Knitpros spare”

hands wool basket

“withered, and so wild in their attire,
that look not like th’ inhabitants o’ th’ earth. . .
each at once her choppy fingers laying
Upon her skinny lips  basket of yarn”


Happy Hallowe’en! Did you have a good one?! We all spent it at the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS – so we had a fabulous Hallowe’en. It was absolutely great to see all of you and to have great chats over the stand at the show. Watch out for a post coming soon – we took lots of pictures!