Learn to Knit Socks this Saturday…


Sock knitting is fun, rewarding, portable and useful so why not give it a try?

This is your chance, as there’s a two-part Sock Knitting class starting this Saturday the 2nd of October at 11am to 12.30pm. In the first class you will learn how to turn a heel and in the second class (on Sat 9th Oct) you will work on shaping the toe section and learn the nifty technique known as Kitchener Stitch 😀

Before you know it you will have your toes snug in your winter shoes in the most comfortable (and likely the most colourful!) socks you own…

The cost is €20 per session and you can book by contacting us today.

Naturespun Dolls

(Just a little intro from Lisa!… )

Roseanne is dropping in to let us know what she has been knitting lately!


I’ve wanted to knit Paper Dolls by Kate Davies for forever! A couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet, bought the pattern on Ravelry, and rescued some beautiful purple Naturespun Fingering from my stash (an awesome yarn which is so cheap but such good quality, and which you can buy here). I had enough of the purple, and found a random ball of green which matched it well. I still have to choose the colour for the dolls themselves, but there’s plenty of choice left on the shelf in the shop, and there’s a lot of knitting to be done before I get to make that decision!

i-cord cast on

This was my first time doing the i-cord cast on and, while it looks well, by golly it took ages.

corrugated rib

This was also my first time doing corrugated rib. It took a while to settle into a rhythm with throwing yarns about so wildly with each stitch. I ended up throwing both yarns with my right hand – the purple knit held by my middle finger and the green purl with my index. It worked pretty well, but I was also pretty glad when it was over and I could zoom on with the stockinette!

Glenties Cowl Pattern

I recently worked up a sample cowl for our upcoming Mobius class (happening on Sunday 3rd Oct at 2.30pm). It has been on display in the shop this week to advertise the class and, in the meantime, we’ve had a lot of requests for the pattern 😀

Glenties Cowl

The intructions are now available in the shop for free with the purchase of two balls of the new Debbie Bliss Glen yarn. You’ll need 6.5mm 100cm circular needles but, if you already own a pair, then you’ll have a super-quick knit and very fashionable winter accessory for just €11.90…! The cowl also makes a great (insert C-word here that we really shouldn’t mention until after Halloween) gift and you could make lots of them before the holidays come around 😀

Changes to some Thursday evening hours…

Our opening hours for the next two Thursdays are being altered due to some special events being held in the Powerscourt Centre.

On Thursday 23rd September we will be closing at 7pm, due to an Arthur’s Day concert being held in the Centre.

On Thursday 30th September we will be closing at 6pm, due to the launch of the Dublin Festival of Fashion.

After that it should be back to normal service until Thursday October 28th (the week of the Dublin Knitting & Stitching Show) when we will close the shop at 6pm.