Special Offers for This Weekend

We’re celebrating the upcoming weekend of fibre fun with some great deals!

  • Rowan Revive and Cushendale Mohair Boucle are now just €4 a ball…
  • There’s a squishy 15% off Debbie Bliss Amalfi, Rowan Big Wool, Brown Sheep Burlyspun, Rowan Cocoon, Debbie Bliss Como, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, DB Luxury Tweed Chunky, Malabrigo Merino Worsted, Noro Silk Garden Sock and Noro Taiyo… (phew!)
  • And with Louisa visiting we are offering a great 10% across her full range of yarns :)
  • These deals are available as of right now and will run until Sunday at 4pm.

    Free Evening Talk with Louisa Harding

    Sampling Yarn

    If you are free this Saturday the 24th July at 5.15pm why not pop along to TIK for a FREE talk from Louisa Harding?

    Louisa will have samples of her new Autumn/Winter yarns with her and a wonderful selection of finished garments on display. She will be signing books and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about her yarns and her designs.

    So if you can’t make the workshop itself this will be a great opportunity to meet Louisa and get together with other knitters. Refreshment of the red and white variety will be provided – just the thing to accompany a bit of yarn tasting!

    Gauging Annis…

    Our Annis KAL is progressing nicely over on Ravelry and, chez TIK, both Dixie and Jacqui have finished and blocked theirs. Funnily enough they knit them out of exactly the same yarn, in exactly the same colourway, but when it was Hedgehog Fibre’s Silk Lace in the evocatively named “Damp” shade who could blame them?

    Dixie added beads to hers, beautiful little silver-lined ones, and the result is stunning:

    Dixie Annis

    And Jacqui went the un-adorned route and let her hard-won finished object take centre stage… just look at those Nupps!

    Jacqui Annis

    Having two (pretty much) exactly the same projects, knitted from exactly the same yarn, gave us the perfect opportunity to take these pictures…

    Comparison 1

    Comparison 2

    Just look at the difference in size! Dixie changed needle sizes to get a firmer looking fabric in her FO and the effect is dramatic. One is very much a decorative scarf and the other is a decent shawlette. Just goes to show people… size does matter 😉

    Coachella Calling!

    The weather just keeps on getting better – so much so that I (Charlene) am finding it really hard to keep going with my current WIP, which is another All-Seasons Cardi in the luscious Malabrigo Lace. It’s just too hot for this yummy stuff – my fingers keep sticking to the yarn and the needles and what would be a quick knit in a chilly October has become a long-drawn out slog in this sweltering summer!

    Of course, I still want to knit and create, so I’ve been thinking of other things to make that will both be fun to knit in the heat and also nice to wear in the heat. Definitely at the top of my list at the moment is the fabulous Coachella, a fitted sleeveless top with an interesting neckline from Knitty’s Summer 2007 issue.

    Our own dear Elana knitted the Coachella from a perfect summer yarn – Rowan Purelife Revive. This yarn is a DK recycled from used silk, cotton and viscose garments which are carded to make regenerated fiber, then spun into a beautiful, high quality yarn. The finished result (as you can see here) is a super-flattering summer knit that you can actually comfortably knit in summer weather!

    Introducing Our “Knit3Tog” Classes


    Do you have a technique you’d like to learn? Or a project that’s stuck in a rut and needs to be rescued? We can help – even if the dates or times of our specific classes don’t suit your schedule. For example, if you’d like to learn how to knit socks and can convince, cajole or bribe two other knitters to come with you then we will set up a class at a time that works for you all.

    That’s our “Knit3Tog” system – if there’s a minimum of three people attending we can run any class topic you like, including Project Help, so each participant can get assistance with different techniques. Contact us today to book the class of your choice, at your time.

    The set Class Schedule for Autumn is currently being drawn up and it should be hitting the inboxes of newsletter subscribers in the next week or so. We’re looking forward to another busy season of new skills and great projects!