This Is … Spin?

One of the traits common to most knitters is the love of trying new crafts and projects out – many knitters also have other hobbies on the go such as scrapbooking, crochet or quilting. Well, one hobby that has really caught the knitters of Dublin up in its whirlwind lately is spinning! Not the cycling-in-one-spot kind of spinning either, but the act of spinning one’s own yarn from batt, roving, pieces of silk and other bits and pieces lying around (but the Laura Hogan roving is the creme de la creme for the discerning spinner!).

There’s even a Dublin Spin-In, held in the Powerscourt Centre Loft one Sunday per month from 1pm onwards. If this sounds like just your cup of tea or you are looking for your “next” favourite hobby – come along and enjoy the fibres and colours with other like-minded enthusiasts! You can read more about spinning in Dublin on the Dublin Knit Collective discussion boards on Ravelry, learn about spinning, and of course you can get all the materials you need at our place right before before the Spin-In!


Time for an FO everyone?

Here’s my Centrique, knit using just 75g of Malabrigo Sock on 5mm needles, and completed in next to no time at all :)


The colourway is Turner, and the picture above is truest to the shade.

I followed the stockinette instructions as written for the larger size and then knit two full chart repeats and the edging.


It was but a wee scarf before blocking but then, whoa, did it block!

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone else’s versions from our workshop a couple of weeks ago…


It was a lovely weekend for yarn photos too, so I’ll leave you with a shawl-on-a-tree-pic for good measure 😉


What We’re Working On!

The warmer weather is kicking in at last, and you can see this in the knitting projects on the go at the moment. Hanging out with some knitting ladies yesterday, everywhere I looked it was all airy shawls, loosely-knit tops and the odd little sock here and there. The same is true when looking at the work being done by The Monday Gang in This Is Knit. We are all making summery knits at the moment – take a look:

Dixie’s Lacy Wedding Shrug
Ambitious Dixie is working feverishly to get an “I Do” shrug (and a Tupa shell top) done in time for a wedding she’s attending in less than 3 weeks. The yarn is a discontinued one, but it’s very similar to Merletto. It’s looking great so far, with one and a half sleeves completed:

Charlene’s All Seasons Cardi Surprise
Charlene is working on another All Seasons Cardi in the gorgeous Malabrigo Lace as a surprise for her sister (Shhh! Don’t tell her!). A few modifications are in mind, including not adding the ties, finishing with a frilly trimming of light grey Baruffa Cashwool and adding a little lace detail to the lower back:

Roseanne’s Next Scribble Lace Stole
Yes, she’s making another one! This one is fantastic looking – Pearl Kidsilk Haze as the base with a Sari Ribbon contrast worked in 1×1 ribbing so it looks the same on both sides. The colours work really well together (and she already has a new cardigan bought to match the colours!):

What are you all working on at the moment?

Roscommon Lamb Festival

If you were out and about in Roscommon on the May bank holiday weekend, you couldn’t fail to be impressed with the charms of the Roscommon Lamb Festival – a yearly festival celebrating all things lamb-related, from delicious food, shearing, spinning, knitting, lamb-petting, etc – a delightful event for any knitter curious to see the whole wool process in action!

Charlene and Dixie made their way out from This Is Knit on the Sunday, with a car loaded full of yarn. Arriving at the Wool Craft Village, we set up our temporary shop and proceeded to check out all of the exciting things the village had to offer – there was weaving and tapestry that bystanders could have a go of, plenty of knitting and spinning to partake of, and the best bit was watching the sheep getting sheared and staying so calm through it all. You can read more about the festival over on Dixie’s blog, but there is one last thing we want to show you here – the blue lamb! He was part of the Pet Lamb competition, fantastic!

Annie’s Workshop

I had the absolute pleasure of taking Annie’s Combination Knitting Workshop last Sunday. There’s always so much more to learn in this wonderful world of knitting and Annie shared her wisdom and advice on plenty of topics…

Annie's Workshop

Combination Knitting was a hit, as everyone agreed that their rib stitches in particular looked a lot neater than usual. I also think I made the crispest non-gappy-looking cable of my knitting career on Sunday!

We squeezed a lot of learning into two hours as Annie showed us her method of cabling without a cable needle which included such nuggets as “pinch, pull and poke” 😀

And I’m already trying out a new and unusual increase method in my latest All Seasons Cardi – it’s quick and neat and I’m loving it!

The feedback from the workshop has been great and I hope everyone is enjoying using their new skills.

Annie is continuing her travels in Ireland for a few more weeks and you can check in on her progress over on her blog. She’s had a bit of drama so far so if you want to send her good Irish knitter vibes I am sure they would be appreciated :)