Grey Gable – As Seen on TV!

Jacqui has recently been firing out some top-down raglan t-shirts for summer. It began with Green Gable for her, using the original recommended yarn, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

Green Gable

Now, Jacqui would not be the greatest fan of knitting with cotton yarn. All knitters are different, and some people just really prefer the bounce and elasticity you get when knitting with a nice springy wool. However, she has assured me that the Cotton Fleece is “just a dream” to knit with, and I have to agree with her that it makes a beautiful fabric.

And, because I have a wonderful Mum, with a magnificent capacity for speed-knitting, and because she thoroughly enjoyed knitting this pattern the first time around… she made me one! This time in Louisa Harding Albero, which is a cotton and “Lenpur” blend. Lenpur is a plant fibre and it gives this yarn a lovely drape. It feels absolutely lovely next to the skin!

Grey Gable

I was thrilled to be able to wear her handiwork “on the telly” the other week and if you are curious to feel how this yarn knits up then the t-shirt is currently still on the mannequin in Blackrock after this photo shoot!

Of course, the big move is coming around fast, so you’ll need to get in to us quick… but after that you will find the sample garments, us, all those yummy yarns and fun classes over in TIK Central, Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2 :)

A little more about the move…

Moving Flyer

Be sure to pick up one of our Relocation Flyers when you are next in the Blackrock shop… they will entitle you to 10% off on your first purchase in the new expanded Powerscourt shop!

We are hoping to get everything done over Sunday 31st May and Monday 1st June (when the Powerscourt Centre is closed)… but people have looked at us a *little* strangely when we have made this claim. We will keep you updated but the new space will be sorted out as soon as we can physically get it ready. Tuesday the 2nd might be a challenge but we’ll see how we get on!!

Don’t forget about the last Knit Night in Blackrock (Thursday 28th of May). We are running a little roll call over here but if you are not a Ravelry member can you post a comment here on the blog so we know how many are coming? Thanks!

Relocation of Blackrock Shop

Ok, this is a pretty big announcement, so sorry if I “go on” a bit!!

An exciting opportunity has come up for us to expand the City Centre branch of TIK and we are grabbing it with both hands! Although we would love to continue with the two existing branches, this expansion means that everything that is currently on offer in Blackrock will be relocated to the bigger, better and brighter Powerscourt location. From this one spot (well, actually, two spots but I’ll explain…) we will continue to offer, and expand upon, the very best in yarns, patterns, classes and events.

The Blackrock shop will be open for business up to and including Saturday the 30th of May and “the big move” will happen over the June Bank Holiday weekend. The timing is incredible, as we first started trading on the June Bank Holiday weekend three years ago! We are incredibly grateful for the support of all our customers at the Blackrock location over the years.

For those of you who have visited the City Centre branch before – you may have seen the unit which lies just across the corridor from our current location. We will be expanding into that unit and running TIK from both sides of the hall. We’re very excited about the fit out of the new space too, which will include some nice seating areas for pattern browsing.

It’s always nice to have a visual so you can see some “before” pictures of the new unit here:

New Powerscourt Unit

We sincerely hope to see you all there and, of course, online and telephone ordering will always be available. With Suffolk St Post Office just around the corner most people will receive their packages the next day so there’s no reason to be without yarn!

Rusted Root Update

I’m loving this pattern.  And this yarn!!


So, Rusted Root continues on.  I’m on row 41, which is 2 short of moving the sleeves to waste yarn and starting to do proper in-the-round knitting, joining under the armholes.  There’s about 200 stitches on the needles right now, which takes me about 25 minutes to do one round.  That’s a bit painful sometimes (“No, dear, I can’t stop in the middle of a round!”) but it’s really starting to come together now.  See?


I’m beyond thrilled with it.  The lace pattern is easy for a lace beginner like me (15 stitches every other row, come on, that’s easy!) and the pattern is pretty well written.  I did have an issue back in row 2, which I didn’t realize til row 30 and had to rip out…well, Aileen ripped out for me, I couldn’t watch.  I started over, and this is where I am now.  The Cotanani is lovely to knit with.  I’m looking forward to trying some Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep, which is also 80% cotton, 20% wool, on the next project.  Whatever that is.  No, must focus!!  I have nothing else on the needles right now but this, and will not cast on for anything til it’s done!