Print O’ The Bead

I always tell people to swatch. It’s a bit of a mantra, really… And funnily enough I sometimes even take my own advice :)

This time, though, This Time… I have been taking that nugget of knitterly wisdom under serious (and possibly even slightly obsessive) consideration. I spent alot of January and February swatching for my wedding shawl.

The pattern that I have chosen, following a previous six months(ish) of investigation and research, is Eunny Jang’s Print O’The Wave Stole. It’s a beautiful pattern and, if you are a lace fan(atic), you would say it is not the most intricate or difficult of undertakings. I’ve done my share of lace knitting, and I’ve settled in nicely to the pattern, so why (I hear you ask) the two months of intense preparation and planning?

It’s the beads. It’s my fascination with and lust for Swarovski crystals. It’s that I needed to place them just so… It’s that I wanted them peppered throughout the kidsilk, without weighing it down. It’s the search through Dublin bead shops for small ones. It’s the ordering of 2mm crystal AB rondelles from the USA. It’s the fighting to get these tiny beauties onto the cobweb-light kidsilk. It’s the dropping, losing and cursing of their miniscule sparkly forms. It’s the persevering and the 60 full minutes to do one 12 row repeat…

It’s the knowing that it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

Wedding Shawl

Five months and counting folks… Wish me luck :)

Orange Jeans…

It’s Jacqui here and I am just dropping in to report that I’ve just finished my summer cardigan project! I decided to use Debbie’s new Eco Cotton, the shade of orange was yelling at me from the shelves – “Knit me!” I can’t live in purple and green forever, ha!

Helen, aka Hmabells (Ravelry Link), had tweaked my interest  in a pattern a couple of weeks ago. She had a printed copy of Mr. Greenjeans in her bag and donated same to me when we were discussing our summer knits and other stuff, as we do! Thanks Helen. Of course its top down and that was an easy sell too!

So I cast on and straight away loved this yarn. Ok it behaves as cotton does but its soft, and I like. Time between cast on and off equalled ten days, yes indeed I do like this yarn!  It is slightly splitty, but you watch out for that and its fine.

The pattern is easy to follow, always a plus in my book.The one thing I would say and if I’d taken the time to read other ravelers comments, I would have realised sooner, is that the arms are a bit baggy at the top. I did have a niggly feeling when the gusset required casting on 8 stitches, but I ignored myself and carried on regardless!

I’m not unhappy with the result, I love my cardi and will probably wear it to death… can one kill cotton, hmmmm………


Here it is, the moment of truth.  I am about to cast on for my first “real” jumper, Rusted Root (Ravelry link).  This is a big deal because I’m an intermediate knitter, and most of you who know me know that I do small fast things, mainly things for around the home, or bags.

But now, I’ve decided.  I’ve bought the pattern, and I have the wool: Cotanani by Mirasol, in a lovely salmon orangey-pink.  Lisa gave me some a while ago, and I had no idea what to do with it.  Then I was cruising Ravelry, as you do, and looked at projects that people were doing with Cotanani.  I saw Rusted Root, and I think the clouds parted and the angels were singing.  A shaft of sunlight came down and illuminated my laptop screen.  This was it.

I’ve now finished my son’s handwarmers (yes, I know it’s April, and that he probably won’t need them.)  I do have other things on the needles right now, but I want to cast on already!!

So I’m going to.

And so say all of us…*

Poor little bloggy has been a little under-utlised lately… The solution? Get four of us to start posting!

From now on you will start seeing posts from Jacqui, Aileen and Elana too so keep an eye out for the “posted by” tag at the start of each section.

*”…And so say we all” (for the BSG fans!) :)

Anais Anais

And quite flowery it is too…

Anais Pattern

I’m knitting Anais from Louisa Harding’s new book named, funnily enough, Nouveau. Now, I’m quite a fan of flowing sleeves, I love a bit of lace and I’m partial to some picot… but the contrast colour edge in this pattern just didn’t do it for me. And yet it has potential. And the yarn (Merletto) comes in such yummy colours. And one in particular was calling my name (shade 11 which is a lovely mix of khaki/grey with a pearly ribbon twist).

So a little pattern hacking was called for. I’m making it all in the one colour for a start and I also left out the additional ruffle which was formed by casting on twice as many stitches as you need at the start and, about four rows in, doing a complete row of K2togs. This is the story so far (i.e. the left front) and I’m pretty pleased with the result:

Anais My Version

What do you think?

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