10 Tickets to the Knitting & Stitching Show to be Won!

Were you thinking of going to the Knitting & Stitching Show?

Can you get in to the Powerscourt Branch of TIK to collect a *free* ticket?

We have ten one-day tickets to give away to the show, which can be used on any day you like, and we’d like to send them to good homes :)

Just to make it interesting, the first ten people to email “info [at] thisisknit [dot] ie” with a Question for the Debbie Bliss & Louisa Harding seminars will get a Knitting & Stitching Show ticket absolutely free!

As it is late in the day at this point, the ticket will need to be collected from the Powerscourt branch, but you can collect it on the day you plan to use it if you like (with the exception of Sunday, when Powerscourt is closed).

You will be notified by return email if you have won a ticket. Sooo… get your thinking caps on and get winning!

More about the Knitting & Stitching Show

A couple of people have been asking for some more information on the Knitting & Stitching Show so we thought it warranted another blog post.

The Show is held each year in the RDS Main Hall, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 from Thursday – Sunday on the last weekend in October or first weekend in November. This year it is being held from Thursday the 30th of October to Sunday the 2nd of November. The show hours are 10.00am to 5.30pm each day, with earlier closing on Sunday at 5.00pm. The show consists of a “marketplace” area on the ground floor, where a number of retailers from across the crafts of knitting, embroidery, sewing, card making, felting and more will be selling their wares. There are also some amazing exibits of craft work both on the lower floor and on the balcony areas above the main hall. There are also craft classes each day where you can learn a new skill in any number of areas!

There is a charge to enter the show, which is lower if you book in advance. More information and ticket bookings are available through the website www.twistedthread.com

Don’t forget we’ll be on Stand G10/G11!!

If you could ask a Designer One Question…

… what would it be?

As some of you may already know both Louisa Harding and Debbie Bliss will be giving a seminar at the Knitting & Stitching Show this year. We thought it would be fun to add a little Q&A session into the seminars – to give you all a chance to get involved and to direct the discussion a little bit.

We will be collecting the questions in advance, because I know I, for one, can *never* think of interesting questions to ask when put on the spot. So, take your time, have a think and then send your questions (for both Louisa & Debbie) to info @ thisisknit . ie (removing the spaces). Please include the word “Question” in the subject line.

We will pick the best from the bunch & if we use your questions at the seminar then you will win yourself a little bonus prize :)

Knitting & Stitching Show 2008

It’s that time again!

We will be exhibiting at the Knitting & Stitching Show again this year – and we’re going to make it bigger and better than ever :)

First off we will be taking a BIG stand. So big they named it twice… because in some of the Literature it is called Stand G10 and in other publications it is Stand G11.

Then on the Friday of the show we will be joined by Louisa Harding and on the Saturday we will be enjoying the company of Debbie Bliss. Both designers will be signing books, showing off some of their beautiful designs (with knit up samples on hand) and generally getting involved in all the knitterly shenanigans.

If you would like a little more dedicated time with the designers then why not come along to the 11am seminar which will be running on Friday with Louisa and on Saturday with Debbie? Each seminar will involve a talk from the designer on their experiences in the yarn industry, the inspiration for their patterns and how they choose their yarns. They will then answer some of your questions (more on that soon) and finally you will have a chance to try on garments, have a chat & get your pattern books signed.

There will, of course, be plenty of yarn, plenty of patterns and tonnes of Injabulo buttons, together with special offers and new products. So I think you can agree it is a great line up – we’re really looking to seeing you all there! :)

Please note: The shop in Blackrock will be closed for the week of the Knitting & Stitching show but the Powerscourt shop will remain open at the ususal times. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Party Time

We had an absolute ball at the Grand Opening last Friday. Thanks so much to all who came – you really made the night for us and we thoroughly enjoyed partying with you all!

As with many things the evening is best described (mostly) in pictures so here is just a brief selection (more available on Lunasa’s blog here…):

Mini Hat Knitting

Helen & Roberta were sorting out some mini hat knitting in aid of the Big Knit

More Knitting

And from Left to Right there’s Ger, Susan & Helen. Ger has been christened the “Mini Hat Mistress” with her incredible (and daily growing) total of 80+ mini smoothie hats!

Knit In Hats

Many people brought along their already completed hats, and the totals grew over the evening. The hats may have got more wacky though… possibly something to do with the wine…


There was some shopping…

More Shopping

And possibly a little bit more shopping…


There was chatting…


We had new friends… (Hi Elena & Kalen!)

Old Friend

And plenty of old friends come to visit… (Hi Anna!)

Jenny & Us

And of course there was the very lovely Jenny Watson who signed her very first book here with us at TIK! We’re very proud to have that honour as, mark our words, this lady is going places. We also love that the first book was owned by Helen McC who was our very first customer back in TIK Blackrock. Coincidence…? Me thinks not…


And then, of course, there was the dancing… At this point, in the interest of full disclosure, I will confess that I was in fact involved in the dancing but that picture is not getting published… And, yes, I am shamelessly abusing my blog-author priveledges here!

Thanks again to everyone who came along – we’re already looking forward to the 1st birthday party celebrations :)