May Bank Holiday Weekend

Just to let everyone know about this weekend’s opening hours:

Saturday: 10.30 to 5.30 (normal hours)
Sunday: 12.30 to 5.00 (opening a little later than normal)
Monday: 12.30 to 5.00 (bonus yarn shopping day – don’t you love long weekends?)

There’s one spot left on this Saturday’s dyeing workshop so get your name in the hat quick if you’d like to come along.

Hope to see you this weekend but have a great Bank Holiday whatever you’re doing! :)


Samhra1, originally uploaded by Lilaa.

(Ahem…Excuse the silly look on my face in this photo…)

Last year, around this time, I knit my Lace Leaf Tee Shirt. I kid you not, the moment I cast off that project the weather turned awful!

So this year, in honour of the Irish summer we have Samhra – a 60% Cotton 40% wool three-quarter-length-sleeved lace-detailed top. Will the sun shine now? :)

The yarn is Mirasol Cotanani and the pattern came out of Aileen’s Top Down Set-In Sleeve class back in February. I’m going to write up the pattern but there’s a bit of fixing to be done about the fit around the armholes so a second version, possibly in Louisa Harding Grace is called for I think. Don’t you?!?

Colouring Fun!

As already blogged by Elana and Aileen there was a dye your own yarn get together in TIK last Sunday.

I left my yarn in the shop to dry over the past two days and I was just bursting to get my hands on it today.


Of course, an itty bitty photo shoot was in order. I had some nice bright dyes to hand and so a rainbow skein was in order…


There was also a use-up-the-leftover-dyes skein…


I then reigned myself in a little for the muted merino…


Of course, the fun doesn’t end there… how about some re-skeining to really show off the colours?


And winding up that rich rainbow sock yarn?


So how about you? Want to give it a try?

Announcing Lots of New Classes & Workshops

Quick! Pop on over to the Classes and Events page – which has had a little revamp because we now have a whole new range of Classes, Courses and Workshops on offer :)

We have been asked for a long time to run some Intro to Crochet classes so here they are…!

For those of you who are just thinking about getting started knitting – how about a Three Week Beginner Course?

Did you miss out on the recent Professional Finishing class? There’s another now scheduled for the 24th of May…

We also had a lot of interest in the Next Steps class which is on this weekend so now an extra class has been scheduled on the 11th of May

Would you like some guidance on knitting your first sweater? Maybe you’d like to alter an existing pattern to make sure it fits you perfectly? Or how about taking the plunge and designing your very own garment from scratch? You might want to stop by this page right here then….

And… TA DA DA DA DAAAA … (sorry but I think it deserves a fanfare) … would you like to Dye Your Own Yarn?!? I though you might… 😀

Seeking Workshop Tutors…

Are you passionate about your craft?

Do you love to share your skills with others?

Would you like to spend a little more time at your LYS?

This is Knit are seeking new Tutors for our Knitting and Crochet Workshops. If you are interested in getting involved please send an email to – info [at] thisisknit [dot] ie – with the following information:

Contact Tel
Years Knitting/Crocheting
(this is not decisive as time doesn’t equal skill level)
Details of any teaching experience (in any area)
A short paragraph with a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to get involved.

A short “practical” interview may be required as applicants will need to demonstrate patience and an ability to break down processes into clear, manageable steps.

Forgive the formality of this post – I promise the classes are always good fun for teachers and students alike – we’d just like to make sure the decision process is fair to everyone.