All we want for Christmas…

During the “things knitters can do for others at Christmas” get-together we took the opportunity to canvass the gathered knitters and figure out what the others can do for us knitters… The assembled yarnaholics helped us to create a universal wishlist for Christmas Gifts … soooo … if you have found your way here through a hint, nudge or wink then take note of our “top ten gifts for knitters”:

1. The yarn for a Clapotis – Lion and Lamb, Shepherd Worsted, Silk Garden or the new Araucania Aysen (available in the shop!)
2. Needle Wraps – either with needles or without. Check out our new Clover “Getaway” Needle wraps: €13.50 without needles and €40.00 with 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm needles.
3. Addi Turbo Circular Needles to make a full set / start a set / complete a full set!
4. Peace Fleece Needles to make a full set / start a set / complete a full set!
5. One of our excellent “coffee-table” style knitting books – Modern Classics, Greetings from Knit Cafe or Knit Two Together.
6. Fitted Knits – the new bible for modern knitters!
7. Gift Vouchers – give the gift of yarn shopping!
8. Kidsilk Haze for soft and luxurious scarves, stoles or wraps…
9. One of *new* Sock Knitting Kits
10. Or a Brioche Scarf Kit, the very handy stocking filler which uses just one hank of Aysen yarn.


So there you are… the knitters in your life are now sorted… it’s all part of the service! 😉

Apple and Raspberry Slices…

That’s what I’m baking for next Sunday. A few of you girls may remember them from last year’s little get-together (and I know I promised to share the recipe but never managed to dig it out and send it around…). They’re chewy, buttery, slightly tangy and fruity. And, this year, I’m hoping not to burn the whole first batch of them!

If are handy in the kitchen then all contributions to the gathering would be very welcome but what we really want you to bring is you ideas! What is your “go to” pattern when you have to knit something on a deadline? What is simple to execute and yet impressive in result? Next Sunday it will be a month to the day away from Christmas – help your fellow knitters to get through the gift knitting season!! So start searching Ravelry, get on to Knitting Pattern Central, dig around on all those great knitting blogs out there and find us some gems. :)

I have two new quick patterns that I’m really excited about! One involves a scrumptious Chilean kettle dyed yarn that I have been eyeing up since it hit our shelves. The other uses every knitter’s favourite pettable mohair/silk yarn… except we do something to it that, initally, made me pale at the very thought…

Jacqui has the knit-in-one-evening-hat (seriously, she has made five this week) and is working on some quicker than average socks.

Intrigued? There’s only one place to be if you want answers… We’ll get started for 12.30pm – see you then!

We’re still here!

I promise! Charlene’s not so subtle hinting at Knit Night last night (ahem… “I haven’t seen a blog post in a long while”) has given me the kick I needed to get posting again. I sound like a broken record now but it has been a busy few weeks and we have just about gotten the shop back in order after the Big Show. Speaking of which, this is our Stand for those of you that couldn’t come along…




It was a full day’s worth of work to get it set up, and that day was not without it’s dramas. Those of you that read KnittingNeels will know that Jacqui was ill all day Wednesday and as it turns out I was ill on Wednesday night too. I’ll spare you the gorey details but, needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. However, the show must go on, and with Aileen’s help on Thursday, it did. Thanks again Aileen!


We got to meet lots of great knitters, catch up with customers we have come to know over the last year and a half and hopefully we let a lot more people know where we are and that they can get real wool in Dublin!


The only dark cloud over the whole thing (you know, apart from the illness…) was the early closing on Thursday Night fiasco. I won’t say very much about it but I just wanted to assure you all that we knew nothing about the change in hours until that very day and we were just as upset about it as you were.

Other than that we had a good show and would like to say thank you to everyone who visited the Stand, to our dedicated helpers: Carrie, Mary L, Michelle and Aileen (again!). We couldn’t have done it without you :)

So, in the meantime, there has been knitting. The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the finished Clapotis hanging up on the back wall of our stand above. Jacqui has knit a felted bag in all of 24 hours. I finished a multi-directional scarf, worked to below the waist ribbing on the Boatneck Bluebell, started and then frogged a sock and got bitten by the felting bug too. Jacqui is so-close-to-finishing a garter stitch jacket in Kochoran, the Trapeze Cardigan and chunky hat number 4 (in about a week). Pictures and details will be posted soon, promise…

I’m off to get ready for the morning’s Lace Knitting Class. Before I go – don’t forget the Christmas Think-In on Sunday the 25th of November!