As for our contribution…

Jacqui’s Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties:


Knit in Pure Cotton. She amended the pattern by adding length to the body and by shortening the ties. She’s pretty pleased with the result – it has been hard to get this off her since completion! If you have the Fitted Knits book then you’ll know this is a pattern from there but the kind folks over at Knitty also have it as an extract from the book. Enjoy!

And the so close to being finished Simple Knitted Bodice:


That’s an out-of-date picture. I’m past the lace on the second sleeve and hope to finish it tonight in front of some DVDs – wish me luck! :)

More knitting to share…

Check out this lot…


That’s Twink’s stunning bolero – Francesca from the Debbie Bliss Rialto pattern book – in the burnt orange shade. She asked me to try it on when she was in the shop, as it was knit for a friend who is my size, and I had to use all my will power to take it off again. This yarn is just so dreamily soft next to the skin and the clever shaping of the bolero gives a very flattering fit. Just yummy!


Georgina has been clicking away with some beautiful baby knits. This is her second garter stitch bear from the Simply Baby pattern book and he has the cutest, pudgy belly! We’re glad he could pose for the picture as he had to take time out from his busy schedule as Georgina’s daughter’s best friend…awww.


And that little girl has a beautiful new summer dress in her wardrobe! Anouk from Knitty, knit in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK.


Deirdre joined us for the Decorative Edgings class a while back and arrived in wearing her fabulous Butterfly cardigan! That’s Shade 226 and it’s just gorgeous knit up into Chevrons… From Deirdre’s experience and mine, the sleeve length in this pattern is too long, so if you are considering knitting it then you could easily subtract 2 – 3 inches. Deirdre also added a decorative clasp over the required hook and eye to give the closure a bit more stability.


And Carrie (who promises me she will blog again…soon) is knitting my favourite baby blanket in the world, again from Simply Baby. I just love the mixed texture of the cables and the fact that this is an all-in-one knit (no sewing up of squares). Beautiful!

Candlelight Halter

Announcing a new free pattern, the Candlelight Halter, designed and kindly shared with us by Lien :)

Candlelight Halter

This is the perfect warm weather top, cool for sunny days and dressy for summer nights. The Cathay yarn drapes elegantly and the silk content gives the garment a beautiful sheen. Lien has included plenty of tips for ensuring a perfect fit and also welcomes any comments or questions you may have on the pattern by email.

You can download the pdf file here – – Enjoy!

Rialto Yarn and Leaf Tee Abundance

We are starting to see alot of finished knits lately which began with the Debbie Bliss visit. First of all, Jacqui’s Sofia is finished (bar the sewing on of buttons)! I love it in this colour – we have a complete green obsession going on lately! While the rest of us are wishing for the sunshine, Jacqui can’t wait for it to get colder again so she can wear this all the time…


Yvonne came to Knit Night last week sporting her Gabrielle Hoodie, also from the Rialto pattern book, and it looks amazing on her :) Teal is another favourite colour around here… She is also modelling a recent’y completed lace scarf from Hipknits Cashmere and holding a too-shy-to-be-photographed knitter’s curly scarf made in Noro Silver Thaw to match an already complete Tithe cardigan (from Noro Unlimited). That’s one project-intensive photo!


Twink also brought us in her slightly modified Sofia – she added a contrast crochet edging in Teal to her Grey cardigan. It edges the hem, button bands, neck and cuffs and gives a really crisp finish to the garment. Gorgeous work :)


And there’s a whole lot of Leaf Tee-Shirt happening too. Aileen stopped by on Sunday wearing her newly complete version and we had to take this “snap” photo! We’ve been comparing notes on our various modifications and I think we both plan on making another using the best of both. I’m thinking a black version with three quarter length sleeves…

aileen-leaf-t.jpg leaf-times-two.jpg

Tail Chasing

We’ve been run off our feet here lately so I have just have time for a quick (pictureless – sorry) stock update post.

If you visit the shop and you can get your hands on:

The Summer 07 issue of Interweave Knits (limited availability)
Addi Lace Needles!!
The latest Debbie Bliss pattern books – Rialto Aran and The Cashmerino Collection
Shades of Cashmere Yarn
RYC Bamboo Soft
RYC Classic Nature pattern book
Lana Grossa Cotton Fantasy and Cotton Spirit Summer Sock Yarn
Lots more colours in Panda Cotton Sock Yarn

And plenty more to come… stay tuned!

Belated WWKIP Post

The day itself has been well documented here, here and here but I had some good pictures of the event to share…




I did promise sock pictures – sorry this one is a bit dark. This was the first of a now-completed pair in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. I used left overs of the Irving Park shade for the toes and heels to get a full size pair out of one skein of “Watercolour”.


This picture (photographer credit goes to Carrie) is the one I really wanted to share. That there is the Birch Shawl! I love how the light catches the stitch pattern and shows off the halo of the Kidsilk Haze. There was a bit of mentoring going on as one knitter was just starting hers – I’m sure there’s no better motivation than that beauty :)