Eye Candy – And it’s good for you!

I’m so excited about this – we now have organic fruit and veg on our doorstep!

Before the shrug class on Saturday morning I raced around to this newly opened stall in the market. It is run by an organic farm from Monaghan and they are travelling to Blackrock to sell their produce every Saturday and Sunday. I think I was their first customer as they didn’t have change ready yet – but that’s ok – Hilary threw in two fresh ears of corn which were absolutely delicious when simply steamed. Over the weekend we also enjoyed nectarines, avocados, peaches, new potatoes, carrots, two varieties of melon, red pepper and broccoli. There will be alot more healthy eating going on now I think – but when it all tastes this good it’s certainly no great chore :)



Under the Sea

Ok, I’m totally making up the name of this pattern as I don’t know what it is! [Edit: I was right about the title – what are the chances?] But I just had to share Mara’s gorgeous FO with you all…


Just adorable!

This is knit in Baby Cashmerino, starting with the individual fish and then knitting them into the bottom of the dress. The waves at the waist are feather and fan lace and the bubbles are embroidered on separately.

As far as I know this pattern is available online so if anyone has the link I’ll edit it into this post – thanks :)

[Edit: Thanks to Nicola and to Laura B (the designer herself), here’s the link – Under the Sea]

Mara also has some impressive crochet skills – exhibit A is a work in progress from Cashmerino Aran:


Exhibit B: Completed knitting notions bag, with zip closure and fully lined, from Siena 4-ply cotton:


An impressive line-up, wouldn’t you say?

Sunshine and/or socks??

Just throwing this one out there…

Would anyone be interested in a sock knitting class over the first two Saturdays of August? Bearing in mind that the first Saturday will be over the bank holiday weekend?

The class can be a beginners class, a toe up method class or a combination of both as Mary and I are quite happy to split up and teach the two methods within the same class. If we get enough interest then I’ll go ahead and schedule it but I’m aware that many of you will be holidaying or enjoying the sunshine if it ever returns.

Having said that socks are the perfect summer knitting project… I finished my first ever pair in 38C heat by a swimming pool in L’Escala, Catalunya :)

TIK Goes Glossy

We’re on page 38 of this month’s Gloss Magazine :)

Anna Carey interviewed Debbie Bliss on the day she visited This is Knit and went on to write an excellent piece on the resurgence of hand knitting. It’s a great article in a brilliant magazine – check it out!

We Knit Too!

Here’s the back of Jacqui’s Sofia:

She’s well into one of the fronts already, knitting like an absolute demon because she loves the pattern so much. Never underestimate the knitting mojo that trying on the actual Sofia gives you!

And, in a green theme continuance, my almost-complete Lace Leaf T-Shirt:

…in the self same green Cathay as the original.

We have both been sock knitting inbetween but I am sadly pictureless of my two complete pairs and Jacqui’s three. Hope to bring them to you soon :)

Sam has also been working really hard on her next TIK pattern. It is with me for editing and formatting now so we hope to have it available in the shop and on the web for download really soon. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the work of art that is the Boat Race Gro Bag…


The postman has brought us…

Over the last while the postie has been working hard … here’s what’s new:

¨ RYC Bamboo Soft

¨ Rowan Summer Tweed

¨ More Tofutsies

¨ Plenty of Cathay and Cotton DK for those Summer Knits

¨ Debbie Bliss “Special Family Knits” Book

¨ “Knit Fix” books

¨ Prym Accessories

¨ Milli Silk Knitting Bags

¨ Knitting Pure and Simple patterns

¨ Wrap Style and the Knitter’s Companion from Interweave Press

¨ The “Cat on a Wall” Sweater pattern is now available sized up to 6 years.

All of these products are on our shelves and will be up on the internet very soon :)

And Coming Soon:

¨ Panda Cotton Sock Yarn from Crystal Palace Yarns

¨ More Mission Falls carved buttons

¨ “Fitted Knits” (we promise – very soon)

¨ The “Boat Race” Gro Bag pattern by Samantha Haughton

¨ Shades of Cashmere 95% Silk 5% Cashmere Laceweight yarn

So watch this space…

WWKIP and Crochet Locally at TIK day!

I’m really looking forward to the World Wide Knit in Public event in Dublin. The latest weather report looks promising so it should be sunshine and smiles all around :) Don’t forget to check out Lien’s blog and the Yahoo SnB site for all the most up to date info!

We also have our beginners crochet class on Saturday morning. In my semi-able assistant teacher mode I have been slowly plugging away at the wrap pattern but as it is item number 102 on the needles (Ok, item number one on the hook) the progress is not much to shout about. Oh well, I’m sure the beginners would like to see a WIP as well as Ann’s FO. It’s like the tv cut outs… “and here’s one we (read: Ann) made earlier!” Thank God there’s an expert in the house…

If you would still like to whip up a quick summer garment and you missed out on the crochet class then there are a couple of places available in the Simple Summer Shrug classes. Aileen will be on hand to help you choose a project suited to your knitting level (and shrugs can range from the “as easy as falling off a log” category to the cable, lace detail and short row shaping variety) and then we’ll walk you through putting it all together. So why not keep those shoulders warm on our “balmy” (?) summer evenings with your own custom-fit handknitted shrug?

Quick Pic(k)s!

Well, we’ve been a bit short on pictures around here lately so I’m just popping in to share a few customer knits :) I know we all love a good gallery post!

Diane has been knitting away on her lizard ridge blanket.


Siobhan finished her Clapotis in Lion and Lamb Watercolour. She will wear it this summer to a wedding in Tuscany. Lucky girl!


Mairead has been knitting BPT from Knitty in Hipknits Aran Silk (the chocolate cherries shade). I love the cable along the raglan seam :)


And Olive came to our Magic Loop class a couple of weeks back. This Thursday at Knit Night she finished Fetching number 1 in Noro Silk Garden.


Unfortunately you can’t see her hand in this picture but all the other girls can testify to the fact that Olive wore her finished object for the rest of the evening!

Jacqui and I have been knitting away too but I have to get the camera out and snap some pics. More soon!