Wild and Windy Wednesday

I hope you are all staying wrapped up well against this windy day! It’s definitely scarf and shawl weather out there…

I’ve been keeping busy listening to Snow Patrol and getting a few new books ready to go online. No Fitted Knits, Lace Style or Yarnplay yet. It seems the babies are taking priority today:

Natural Knits Nursery Knits

Both really beautiful books. I wish I had them a few weeks ago when I cast on for my makey-uppey Baby Sleep Sack. My poor friends’ three week old baby girl is still waiting on a knitted gift from me… Jacqui is coming to the rescue as she is going to make her a top-down cardigan this weekend at Saturday morning’s class. I have every confidence it’ll be off the needles by Sunday night as she is already nearly finished this:

Knitting Pure and Simple Tunic

Ok, ignore the sunglasses. This is a really nice pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. We got a few copies of this and a few of this wrap cardigan:

KP&S Wrap Cardigan

Anyway, Jacqui cast on for the Tunic last Thursday night and she’s at the end of the second sleeve. There’s just the hood to go, but she’s thinking of changing it to a shawl collar instead. I have lifted some instructions from another project on my wish-list Something Red from the Garter Belt and it would seem easy enough to do (famous last words…) So her progress has been such we don’t even have photos but the FO will be posted here as soon as.

We’re loving Knitting Pure and Simple and will be ordering more patterns today. Most of them are Top Down and seamless – what’s not to love?

One item of bad news for today I’m afraid. The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino range will be going up in price during the month of March. There has been a 20% increase from our supplier and the new RRP is now €5.95 – we’re not going to put this on all at once but the price will have to go up over the next while. Sorry everyone.

Nearly Friday already?

Wow, this week has flown by. We’re just about recovered from the 4am start on Monday…

Pop down to us this weekend to see the new Lorna’s Laces yarn we have in stock. I’ll do my best to get it on the website asap but here’s a sneak preview…

Lion and Lamb Shepherd Sock

Lien dropped in to show us her completed pair of Lana Grossa socks, knit from the toe up using a short row toe and heel.

Lana Grossa Socks

We are taking a short break from the classes this week but we’ll be back on the 3rd of March with the first installment of Knitting from the Top Down.

And they’re off…

Just for a day or two. :)

Jacqui and I will be in Birmingham tomorrow, “working” hard on your behalf i.e. seeing, feeling, ooh-ing and aah-ing over new yarns and knitting paraphernalia at a the Craft, Hobby and Stitch Show. Dispatch of internet orders will be slightly delayed but, over the coming months, I think you will see it has all been worth it!

Finishing Class was great yesterday. Helen K imparted her considerable wisdom and there were alot of “aha!” moments during the class. I can see this topic being an essential part of our class schedules from now on.

Speaking of “from now on”, I should be putting together a draft timetable of the next set of classes pretty soon, so (as always) if there is anything you would like to see just drop me a line about it.

Back to regular service on Wednesday – see you all then.

Weekend Knitting

It seems there was a shocking lack of picture-taking this weekend…

If I had taken pictures, you would be looking at three would-be lace knitters woman-fully tackling the magic loop technique for the first time on Saturday morning and another cementing her knitting knowledge. Winter’s best attempt at bug-spreading meant that lace knitting is being re-arranged for a later date TBA. The girls had the option to come along anyway so we had a great morning at our impromptu knitting group!

I could also have introduced you to our very international beginners’ class on Sunday. This group had members from Australia, America, Italy and Thailand – oh, and Donegal. They all got along like a house on fire and the time flew by. A bit of knitting did get done and everyone left well into their first scarf, despite the much debated option of simply wrapping the Cashmerino yarn around their necks unknitted. Ooh – I can give you a picture – because we were referring to this:


Weekend Knitting

See that? The skein of yarn around her neck? It’s an option!

In other news, we are bouncing with excitement because the lovely Aileen is going to design some original patterns for us! Watch this space because we know they’re going to be great. We’re also thrilled to support some genuine home-grown knitting talent and Aileen has it in spades :)

It looks like Drogheda Knit and Natter will be taking a break this week, as a lot of the lucky girlies have Valentines plans. We’re back on for the same time next week though.

And, there are just two places left on our Finishing Class this weekend so drop me a line if you want to grab one of them!

Well, the week has flown by so far and we’re looking forward to a busy weekend of classes at TIK.

Introduction to Lace 2 is happening on Saturday morning, when all of these girls will be joining us again:

lace1lrg.gif lace2lrg.gif

And here’s a little example of a lace edging we were working on last Saturday:


With thanks to Charlene for letting me photograph her work :)

Then we’re having another Beginners’ Class on Sunday afternoon.  And if Charlene is anything to go by, then we are doing a good job with our new knitters – she started back knitting at the Beginners’s Class in January!

Beauty and the Frog

As it turns out, a Lion and Lamb Mobius is beautiful even in defeat. This is how the river stitch looked mid-frog:


And then all wrapped up and ready for another try.


I’m about six rows in to Mobius Version II, this time in Roman Column lace stitch. No photos as yet cause everything’s all bunched up on the needles and hard to make out…

Lace class was great fun on Saturday. But more on that tomorrow :)

New Spring/Summer Debbie Bliss yarns and patterns will also be landing on the website soon. Well…it was nice and sunny today! Watch this space.

What’s that? You want a preview? Well, ok then, just a little one…

summeresslrg.gif                         Pure Cotton

Photo Friday

Spring has arrived! And finally all those lovely new balls of yarn that had been waiting patiently in the stock room have had their moment in the sun. I’m quite picky about photographing our yarn in natural daylight, to the extent that I was checking out the Met Eireann website earlier this week so I could plan the best day to get some new products up on the website… So pop on over to the shop to view our latest updates. Oh, and it looks like we’re in for a nice dry and bright weekend too!

While I was at it, I took the opportunity to photograph some of the knitting that has been happening around here.

Lion and Lamb Mobius

We have my Mobius knitting from last week’s class, which I got freakishly addicted to and, despite forgetting to bring it with me to the shop on Sunday, I had finished by Sunday night. The bad news is that it will be ripped out and re-knit shortly. I cast on too many stitches (the excitement of learning the technique induced temporary amnesia and the simple matter of gauge was forgotten) and I chose to knit river stitch as my reversible pattern. This stitch is lovely and very effective, but is probably better suited to something that will hang and stretch out to show the dropped stitches. The next version will more than likely be Roman Column lace, which Linda of the Drogheda Knitting group had swatched for and it looks stunning! Oh, it’s in Lornas Laces Lion and Lamb, the Watercolour shade – last of a dyelot so it was mine to play with. :)

Fetching Lakeview

Jacqui knit another pair of Fetching from leftover Clapotis yarn. She just about got there with two inches to spare! This is the Lakeview shade of Shepherd Worsted. She is also knitting a pair of socks from Lakeview for Jamie, her grandson / my nephew. I can safely say this is her favourite colourway!

sohohat.gif mrsbeeton2.gif

mrsbeeton1.gif flora.gif

But Antje has outdone us both with this collection of FOs that she brought to us last weekend. She claims she’s a beginner but she’s getting lots of help from friends in the UK via webcam and video chat, and considering she went away with some beautiful sock yarn I think she’s well on her way to becoming a pro. The baby hat is a gift for a friend’s child and is knit from Soho yarn and Cashmerino Chunky. The Mrs Beeton handwarmers (featuring Wool Cotton and Kid Silk Haze) are wonderfully delicate and practical all at the same time. And Knitty patterns feature again with Flora, in a combination of yarns, including Kid Silk Haze and Wool Cotton.

We’re really looking forward to the Lace Knitting Class tomorrow and hope to have some pictures of that for you soon.

Happy weekend everyone!