Carol Feller

Where did the idea come from for an entire book using Short Row techniques?

I’ve always loved knitting with short rows; when I begin knitting again it was one of the first advanced techniques I learned in order to create bust darts. However I wasn’t really happy with my short rows so I started to investigate and experiment. From there I discovered how many different types of short row techniques there are out there and the variety of things you can do with them. For the next several years I began perfecting my technique and using them in almost all my patterns. This naturally led to teaching short rows in person which in turn became my very popular free short row class on Craftsy.

When I began discussing a new book with Potter Craft I knew I wanted to do a book that was a technique workshop as well as a pattern book. That way knitters will want to reference it for years to come even after they’ve finished the patterns. Short rows seemed like the perfect subject as they are probably one of the most useful knitting techniques out there! At the same time I did a second class on Craftsy (Essential Short Row Techniques) that dovetails with the book.

Short Row Knits

Your knitwear design career has taken you to some far-flung places! I know the Craftsy classes are filmed in Denver and that you really enjoy visiting there. Did you ever imagine that knitting would open up so many opportunities for you?

If you had told me several years ago that knitting was going to be a passport to travel the world I’d have either laughed at you or thought you were crazy! I’m not a very careful planner at a macro level (micro planning I do thought!) so each new development and opportunity for me happened quite organically with one flowing into the next. At the beginning of my career I wrote an article on Kerry Woollen Mills for Yarnforward magazine. This got me thinking about Irish yarn which prompted me to write my first book; ‘Contemporary Irish Knits’. After this book was launched I began attending the TNNA tradeshow in the US and this book got me my first offer of teaching from Craftsy to do the Celtic Cables class.

I want to continue to create new designs, explore new construction methods and challenge myself as a designer and teacher. In order to do this I’ve got to be fluid in my approach and be open to new possibilities.

Dovestone Hills

Speaking of new possibilities – you always seem to embrace new ways of connecting with the knitters that choose your patterns, for example via the KALs you run on Ravelry. How do you find the time to run these knit-a-longs, with all your other commitments? And what has been your most successful KAL to date?

To manage all of my commitments I do lots of juggling and very little housework, I wish I was joking but I’m not :-) The reality is that there is no way to extend the hours in the day so something will always give. I do the bare minimum of housework so that it still functions, but that’s it. I try to finish every evening with a list of important tasks for the next day and do my best to get at least a few done in the morning.

Work goes in waves, when I’m feeling rested and family demands are low I can power thorough blog posts, patterns and edits without a bother. Other weeks they could take the whole week instead of a day. I try hard to accept that we’re not machines and you can’t work consistently all the time.

Every morning my priority is always knitters; I start by answering all email queries, Ravelry questions (forums and messages) and then visit Craftsy. If I get to them again later that’s great but on a busy day it won’t always happen!

Interaction with knitters is what keeps me energised and focused. Without knitters my patterns would just stay on paper. This is why KALs (knitalongs) have become such a big part of my work. I get to spend a lot of time focusing on one pattern; writing tips, tutorials and clues. Then the fun starts, knitters are swatching, picking sizes, figuring out mods and having a great time together.

I love how much knitters get out of KALs; along the way we’ve had a lot of first time sweater knitters who finished them off and loved them :-) The first KAL I did was for my 100th pattern, Ravi, that’s probably still the most popular of my KALs. This year I wanted to experiment a little and I’m trying something new, a KAL that is run in conjunction with LYSs and the yarn company Fyberspates; Mithral Every year knitters were trying to meet up in person, arranging it on Ravelry. It made sense to me to try and bring in a LYS partnership so that knitters could meet in person as well as online. Mitheral’s first clue is out 1st of October and so far knitters seem to love having LYSs involved, it just feels like extending the knitting family!

Short Row Knits

So now that Short Row Knits is published, what’s next for Carol Feller?

In the next few months my initial priority is promoting my 2 new books; Dovestone Hills and Short Row Knits. This involves a lot of writing work for blog posts as well as travel to shows and of course the wonderful book launch with you on the 17th of October! At the same time in the background plans are afoot for the Irish Yarn Club 2016. For the last 2 year I’ve done an Irish Yarn Club with TIK and this year we’re planning and scheming for some very exciting new developments. I think knitters are going to just love some of the yarn/colour choices that we’re putting together for the 2016 club and hopefully they’ll like the patterns that go with the amazing yarn :-)


Around this time every year a touch of strife visits This is Knit. It comes in the form of oodles of delicious new-season yarns, in all their glorious colours and textures. The reason for the trouble? There’s usually a scuffle among staff over who gets to knit with what yarn for our shop samples!

This time around I pulled rank and nabbed a truly spectacular teal shade of Silk Garden Solo. Once it was mine all mine I had to tackle the next question… just what to make?

This is where our trusty friends over Ravelry come in to play. A quick search for aran and worsted weight garments yielded inspiration by the bucket-load! I was particularly taken by Nanook (having seen a recent version “in the flesh”) and these beautiful projects just pushed me over the edge…


Cln’s Nanook in Malabrigo Rios


Metalandcloth’s version shows the versatility of the pattern – Nanook works just as well as a maternity cardigan (and will still look good long after baby is born).

My own version is very much a WIP right now but stay tuned for progress pics on our Instagram account, and hopefully the “big reveal” on this blog in the not too distant future…

What would you knit from Silk Garden Solo? Have you ever knit Nanook or any of Heidi Kirrmaier’s other patterns?


This post by Lisa is the first part of a staff series all about our Autumn/Winter projects. Stay tuned for updates from Jacqui, Jenny and all the rest of the crew!

Flash Sale

There are buckets of bargains to be had in our Flash Sale. Deals must end at midnight this Sunday 4th Oct.

This gorgeous knit was one of the stars of Yarn Dating 2015, and no wonder: it’s a combination of a simple, elegant pattern, a little buttony magic and a lovely new yarn.

The pattern is I Want That Wrap, and it’s a joy to knit. It’s a very wide simple rib, so it’s a terrific beginner’s pattern. And it’s TV knitting at its best – no chart to follow or shaping to work, and the result is cozy and smart. Even better, the pattern is a free download on Ravelry!

The yarn is a new offering from Studio Donegal, called Donegal Wool Spinning Company, and this project used 2.5 skeins (knit on 6mm needles). It’s a lighter version of Donegal Aran Tweed, with a new plied construction and a lovely range of colours. It’ll work for any aranweight pattern, and we think it’s going to be a firm favorite.

And the final touch to this project is an orderly row of buttons, and they really make it, don’t they? In short, we all want this wrap!

Carol is one of This Is Knit’s very favourite people, so we’re fierce thrilled to be hosting the launch of her new book. It’s entirely devoted to patterns shaped with short rows – you can see the Ravelry previews here.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve fallen in love with a lot of Carol’s short row shaping – Rossbeg and Ravi are big favourites round here, and right now her new Mithral Knit-Along is proving awfully popular. So an entire book of her short row magic? Oh, yes please!

At the launch, Carol will be talking to us about the designs and signing your books. There’ll be garment samples on hand for trying on, and we’ll have wine and nibbles to toast the book with. We’ve got a booking page right here for the launch, so grab your place! The event’s completely free – the booking is just to give us an idea of numbers. It’ll be great fun, and we’d love you to be there!

Date night!

What do you get if you put forty knitters and crocheters in a yarn shop, show them the gorgeous new stock that’s filling the shelves and let them play with it? Why, you get Yarn Dating! Let us tell you about Friday night!

It was such fun! For the first time, we hosted the whole event in the shop (well, and a bit of it outside, thanks to our neighbours at the Pepper Pot). So at half past seven, there was an impatient queue of people outside, eagerly looking through their information sheets and waiting for the doors to open…

What better time to get a second opinion on a swatch of stunning beaded lace? (The consensus was yes, the larger beads work better!)

Inside, the swatching stations were all set up, with samples – knitted or crocheted – of new yarn. No casting on required – all you had to do was pick up and stitch!

But this was speed-dating, so everyone got to meet all the hopefuls, moving from one numbered station to another….

And then we were off! Swatches to examine, and pattern books to plan with, and stitching to try…

Each date passed by in the twinkling of an eye, and before you knew it, the bell rang to move you on to your next assignation. The bell?

Yes, a proper school bell, wielded by Lisa from her post on the mezzanine!

There were sample garments to try on, with pride of place given to Carol Feller’s Mithral (have you read about Carol’s September knit-a-long?) There’s going to be a lot of these this winter, if Friday night is anything to go by – the picture at the very top is Fyberspates Cumulus for a Mithral, gleefully gathered up.

And if you needed help deciding which colour to choose, what better place to ask?

There were spot prizes too, and one very sneaky competition: Guess the Mystery Swatch!

Behind the curtain hung three swatches, so you could feel but not see them. By guessing what yarn they were made from, one lucky person won a fantastic bundle of goodies (congratulations, Maria!) It was harder than it looked, and only four people guessed all three correctly. José the Alpaca insisted on standing guard to prevent peeking, though we told him our customers were far too honourable for that sort of behaviour.

And there were old flames to meet too, like this delicious pile of Dublin Dye Company sockweight!

We hope you enjoyed Yarn Dating 2015 as much as we did, and we honestly can’t wait to see what you’ll make this autumn and winter. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a creative and fun-loving community, so thank you all!


With our Yarn Dating event happening at the end of the week, we’re getting all excited about new stock. Some of it is embargoed till Friday night, but there’s a few things we can share, and here’s one: Zing needles!

Zing is the newest offering from KnitPro, and they’re just beautiful. They come in rich jewel colours, one colour to each size, and they’re made from aluminium for lightness. The silver-coloured tips look terribly smart, and encourage neat stitches by reminding you to knit near the tips too!

There are Zing DPNs in sizes up to 4.00mm and Zing straights too, in pairs and in a gorgeous presentation set.

And we have Zing circulars, which are fixed rather than interchangeable right through the range, in the same beautiful colours. They’re smooth and light to work with, with lovely flexible cables.

Yarn Dating 2015 sold out fast, but it’s always possible that we’ll have a cancellation or two, so if you’re on the waiting list, watch your email like a hawk! If a space opens up, then it’s fastest finger first to book it! It’s going to be such fun, and we’re looking forward to it like anything!


It’s no secret that we love Carol Feller’s designs. They are clever, stylish, fun to knit and fabulous to wear! Carol has run many wonderful Knit-a-longs over the last few years via her Ravelry group and this autumn she’s embarking on her biggest KAL yet.

It’s for the truly stunning Mithral sweater, and we can’t wait to get started! Even better, we have the garment itself on display in the shop, so don’t be shy – pop in and try it on :)

The Knitty Gritty

  • We’re offering a 10% discount on the yarn for this project (Fyberspates Cumulus), with every KAL sign up.
  • Yarn Dating guests can sign up on the evening of the event and receive a 15% discount.
  • Members of the KAL will receive a *free* hat pattern from Carol from the 1st September. This pattern uses the same stitch pattern as “Mithral”, which makes it the perfect swatching project.
  • Yarn usage: The design calls for between 6 and 10 balls of Cumulus, depending on size and whether you decide to knit a cowl neck or not.

  • KAL Schedule:

    · 1st September KAL: sign ups begin and swatching can start!

    · 1st October: first KAL clue release.

    · 15th October: clue 2.

    · 5th November: clue 3.

    · 19th November: clue 4.

    · 4th December: Raffle drawing on Ravelry open to everyone who posts a photo of their completed Mithral.

    If you fancy joining in the fun then please post a comment below or get in touch with the shop directly. We’ll be collecting email addresses over the next few weeks and getting in touch with everyone little closer to the KAL launch date.

    A little post update following on from some questions in the comments:

    You can sign up with us at any time from now on, but you won’t receive the “pre-sale” PDF until the 1st of September. This pdf will contain the free hat pattern and information on sizing, materials needed and tension etc for the sweater.

    The yarn discount becomes available as soon as you sign up for the KAL.

    The pattern is purchased through us at a cost of €6.95. We will then provide you with a download code for Ravelry, and once you use the code you will automatically receive the KAL clues as they are released from Carol.

    All shades of Cumulus should be available in the shop in approximately 10 days time.

    Carol says of the pattern:

    “This sweater is knit from the top down with set-in short row sleeves, the gentle a-line body uses a simple lace flowing from below the empire waist which flatters most body shapes. The sweater comes with several different neckline options. Pictured is the cowl neck option but instructions will also be given for a rounded or a scooped neckline.”

    Etsy on our doorstep

    A little more than nine years ago, This Is Knit started with a wee market stall and a very tiny website. There’s a bit more room to walk around in the shop now, but we’re still a small business.

    So we like to support other small businesses in any way we can, especially if they’re craftspeople, and the internet makes it so easy. Let’s hear it for Etsy!

    There’s traders from all over the world on Etsy, of course, but up there with the very best are lots and lots of wonderful Irish businesses. For example, the picture up above is BethShanConnemara’s work – the sweetest wee teapot pendant in Connemara marble! Ah go on, go on….

    And ah here! Look at this…

    It’s a crocheted custard cream brooch! Did you ever! It’s made by
    FunAroundTheClock, and a look at that shop will make you grin so broadly! If you don’t fancy a custard cream with your tea, there’s Mikados and pink wafers and Jammie Dodgers too! And it’s not all biscuits, either – there’s beautiful picture frames and lovely accessories!

    And if you’re looking for Irish wool straight from the sheep, then may we recommend MarkreeWoolCraft? Using fleece from well-loved Wensleydales and Jacobs in county Sligo, this is naturally produced and dyed wool for spinning, knitting and crochet – and it’s so, so soft! And if you fancy dyeing your own yarn, you can find lichen for dyeing it here too!

    Aren’t Irish craftspeople amazing?

    Save the date!

    It’s that time of year again! Yarn Dating returns for another fun-packed evening filled with yarn fumes and general frolics!

    We’ll help you find your perfect match as we guide you on a journey through a carefully selected range of new yarns: both thick and thin, multicoloured and solid, made from alpaca, silk, merino and more…

    As always we will be offering light refreshments to keep up the energy levels, everyone will go away with a small goody bag and we’ll also be running raffles for some fantastic prizes over the course of the night. Last year’s Yarn Dating was such fun, and you can see what we got up to here!

    Finally there will be an extra-special discount offer of 15% off all the sampled yarns on the evening! This includes any purchases made on the night and any special orders placed.

    Places are limited, so nab yours now over on our booking page! We’d love to see you, and we’ve got some very special introductions for you!

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